10 Tips for Buying a Used Motorbike – Don’t choose the Wrong One

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Tips for Buying a Used Motorcycle

Sooner or later it happens: your old bike no longer gives you the thrills of the first few times, you want to go to a tourist, a lightning strike with another or more simply look for your first bike and have opted for the used. Infomotori has some tips to help you choose

Buying a motorbike is always an emotion: sometimes it is a return to an old passion left in the drawer, others are asking for more and more is a desire for freedom that takes us suddenly.

But often you can not afford to spend a lot of money for the new, with the fear that may be in the long run it is not worth it.
The used is an excellent solution whether it is to buy directly from the dealer (from which we will have a partial warranty of one year) or to buy from a private person through ads on the internet.

In the latter case we will have a vast choice and a price certainly lower than that of the dealer, and it is easier to meet a real deal. The basic problem, in private negotiations, is the security of buying a bike that does not give problems.

Here are some tips for buying a used bike.

  1. Before starting the research it is good to see the  list prices of the used model that you have pointed as a possible prey. That will be your first reference, in fact it is not very sensible to buy a bike that costs much less than normal, unless you are absolutely sure that the seller is “giving” for concrete reasons.
  2. Once you have discovered the year of production of the bike you have chosen, take a look at some forums to see if it has specific problems encountered when it was already on the market, such as transmission problems, too frequent coupons, ECU problems, etc.
  3. Do not stop at the Km /price/year comparison, because like all things the state of a motorcycle depends above all on how it is used. 5.000Km on the track exhaust the engine more than 25.000Km on the roads, so be careful. In addition, try to understand what type is the seller, the ideal would be to find a true enthusiast who treats the bike with great care.
  4. Once you have ascertained these conditions, go see the bike. It is always worthwhile to go with a trusted friend , those who know the bike, or even with your trusted mechanic . At this point the best thing would be to try it, because if the favorite does not turn on even you have thrown away one afternoon but not some hard-earned salary.
  5. Making sure everything is fine is not easy, and some surprises will almost always be there. But try to make sure that the bike is in good working order. It can happen that after a fall the frame folds , and sometimes it is difficult to notice. This is one of the things you have to pay close attention to, you can try to check the welds but it is not said that you can recognize this defect only by eye. If the frame is folded, changing it will cost you (perhaps) more than the bike.
  6. Get in the saddle , try to turn it on and see how it behaves. Too much metallic noise is not a good sign, as well as fumes from the muffler and problems in the ignition. If you have the chance to take a ride, even 300m, to realize if the frame is bent, otherwise you should also notice grabbing the bike by the tail and holding it up.
  7. Take a look at the crown, especially the teeth, if they are too sharp you will have to change it, as well as the chain if it is too slow. The brake pads whistle when they are finishing, and for the tires instead you can try this trick: put a 1 € coin in the groove of the design, if you see the golden part of the coin the tires are to be changed.
    With this impromptu ” check-up ” you will give the idea of being a connoisseur, and the seller will understand that it is better not to hide any surprises.
  8. All the problems of point 7 are components that can be changed. If you know the value, you can negotiate to get the price of the bike for a few hundred euros. It also applies if you miss a mirror, the bike is to be cut and so on.
  9. If your favorite is equipped with Aftermarket parts, ask for the original parts, which will be very useful for when you have to pass a review. In case the seller no longer has the standard pieces, you can ask for another discount, and lower the value a bit.
  10. Remember that a well-washed bike is like a make-up girl, seeing it naturally will never be the same thing! For the rest always throw an eye to any scratches witnesses of a fall or a slip, even there you can make it present.

Tips for Buying a Used Motorbike

10 Tips for Buying a Used Motorbike – Don’t choose the Wrong One Pictures

Tips for Buying a Used MotorcycleTips for Buying a Used Motorbike
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