New Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept; Release Date and Specs

Sunday, March 17th, 2019 - Subaru
2019 Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept Design

The Subaru Viziv Tourer concept makes its debut on the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show 2018, a festival during which the House of the Pleiades will exhibit this concept car, whose segment is still unknown. Will it be an SUV or a Crossover?

It’s been five years since Subaru’s home to talk about Viziv. A name that is often used by the House of the Pleiades to identify a series of prototypes presented during the last five years. We talk about models well diversified between them-united only by name, from crossovers to saloons passing to the Supersport. All “Concept cars” dedicated and freely inspired by the playful world of game consoles, great tourism.

And so here we are at the edition 2018 of the Geneva Motor Show, in which it debuts yet another Subaru Viziv-in this case Tourer Concept-that today we can admire in this new teaser released by the Japanese house. The protagonist is only the back area, where stands the light illuminated with LED lights. Tourer should, therefore, make us think that we will deal with a car from the family bodywork, even if rumors talk about the possibility that behind this name will hide a car size SUV or at least Crossover. We are on the side of the latter, when fashion, the market, and the public are increasingly oriented towards this type of segment and have abandoned for some time the lines of the old “wagons”.

The only certainty, since we actually do not know the final forms of this prototype is that the Viziv Tourer will be born from that which from the headquarters of the Japanese House have baptized “Subaru Global Platform”-the same that to be understood are already using The Impreza and the XV. So it’s obvious: This prototype will be equipped with full traction, for the rest we’ll see in Geneva.

Subaru Viziv Tourer concept Release Date

Subaru declared today that it will make a big appearance the Subaru Viziv Tourer concept at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6. The name originates from an abbreviated rendition of the expression, “Vision for development,” and it’s probable that it sees the up and coming age of… something, we’re simply not certain what. It beyond any doubt looks like a wagon, however.

2019 Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept Geneva Motor Show

Therefore, the Subaru Viziv Tourer concept could review anything Subaru makes with a long rooftop and a tall backside, regardless of whether it’s the cutting edge Outback, Forester or Levorg (a wagon not sold in the US). We’ll jab Subaru until the point when they give every one of us the subtle elements when we get to Geneva in the principal seven day stretch of March, so keep your eyes peeled and see if or not our upgraded cross-examination systems really work.

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New Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept; Release Date and Specs Pictures

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