Skoda Pickup Truck; The New Generation of Felicia?

Thursday, April 26th, 2018 - Skoda
New Skoda Pickup Truck Release Date

skoda Felicia Pickup is a Skoda Pickup Truck ever made by Czech Company, quite legendary. for that, fans suspect that Skoda will again make a pickup truck.

Czech vehicle manufacturer Skoda has established its status in the auto manufacturing world using its renowned sedans, Octavia and Superb. In the past couple of decades, they’re expanding the company entering SUV department also. New Kodiaq SUV gradually calms customers’ sympathies and it can be quite frequently discovered over the EU roads.

A couple of years back an advertising board member Werner Eichhorn has stated that Skoda investigates pickup trucks marketplace and they’re intensively seeking business model which will assist them to go on this planet too. As a portion of good Volkswagen Group, Czech manufacturer should have no problems should they opt to come up with fresh Skoda Pickup Truck Concept because they could borrow generation technology out of its partner.

If creation starts, fresh Skoda Pickup Truck will most likely be a combination of the Amarok technologies and Kodiaq layout. Using the new version, they will most likely, for starters, attempt to set up their place in the EU market and also to enter the marketplace of South Amerika. Following that, the new Skoda’s truck could also be expected from the USA particularly model together with all the diesel powertrain.

This usually means it’ll be made in double-cab configuration just. The negative and the mattress will also be borrowed in the Amarok version. The front and the back end will probably be Skoda like. The slender apron and radiator grille is going to be the exact same as Kodiaq SUV. The back end is going to soon be decorated with all the recognizable Skoda’s tail lighting. The base version will arrive using 19-inch metal wheels as standard.

2020 Skoda Pickup Truck - Felicia

As it will be quite a double-cab truck, the inside will be rather spacious. The chairs will be formed with armrest additional for improved relaxation. The greater trim option is going to be outfitted with all the 6.5-inch screen while The Android automobile connectivity along with Apple CarPlay will come with base versions.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept Engine Specs

The bigger will send 140 horses whereas the larger can create up to 180 horsepower. The truck with the greatest expectations ought to be the one using all the diesel powertrain. This version will probably have 2.0-liter TDI motor under the hood. The poorer option will create 150 horsepower whereas the more powerful one will send about 190 horsepower. This version will have decent towing power also. All motors ought to be combined with some seven-speed DSG transmission and the driveway is going to be sent on most of the wheels.

This fact along with the German technologies can help this version to get into the EU truck marketplace extremely fast and also the only using a diesel engine could be an extremely significant competition on the US land. The sequential production can’t be anticipated in the subsequent two decades, however, that the Concept will be likely presented in a large car show a year ago.

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New Skoda Pickup Truck Release Date2020 Skoda Pickup Truck - Felicia
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