Seat Arona TGI 2019 Review: is an SUV with Methane good?

Saturday, September 29th, 2018 - Seat
2019 Seat Arona TGI Interior Features

Seat presents the New Seat Arona TGI, a dual-fuel petrol/methane variant of the famous Spanish Crossover.

World premiere at the Paris Motor Show 2018 for the new Seat Arona TG I, the first car to combine the world of SUV / Crossover with methane fuel. Highly anticipated since the launch of last year for standard versions, the new Arona TGI uses the technology of the Volkswagen Group to offer balanced and vigorous delivery by reducing fuel costs that (on average) fall by two thirds.

Seat is not new to this kind of power: in addition to the new Arona, the TGI is also offered on Leon, Ibiza and Mii. The idea of Seat is to exploit the biomethane ( here an in-depth study ) to manage future mobility through the waste we produce every day.

Seat Arona TGI engine, features and performance

The new Arona TGI uses a 1-liter three-cylinder engine, the same one used (among others) on the Volkswagen Polo. the 90 hp supplied by the engine between 4,500 and 5,800 rpm are supported by a rather substantial torque, we are talking about 160Nm already available from 1,900 rpm.

The small three-cylinder turbo is then coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission, so as to allow a rather rested pace even on the motorway. The maximum speed declared, of 172Km / h, wants to testify that the car does not give up “adult car” performances despite the native gas plant .

2019 Seat Arona TGI Fuel Economy

As usual for the Volkswagen Group , the Seat Arona TGI uses three methane and a quarter petrol tanks, for a total of 400Km of gas autonomy (14.3Kg) and another 160Km of green SP . The latter, however, is used only when the methane runs out, and even in the ignitions the petrol is used only when the outdoor temperature drops below -10 ° C.

The engine, in fact, unlike the engines with an aftermarket methane system, has been studied and optimized for gas travel, which offers a superior performance to all other traditional combisables: one kg of methane is therefore equivalent to 2 of LPG, 1.3 of Diesel and 1.5 of petrol, with the difference that a kilo of fuel costs (at the moment) less than one euro.

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