New VW Polo 2019; Engine Specs, Price, Release Date

Thursday, December 13th, 2018 - Volkswagen
2019 VW Polo Performance and MPG

The test drive of the new VW Polo 2019 highlights the strengths of the German compact, much appreciated in Italy and able to sell more than 16 million of specimens worldwide. The price list starts at 13,600 euros.

The highlights of the sixth generation

  • Optimized Package thanks to the MQB transverse modular platform: externally longer and lower than the previous model, but more spacious inside. Length 4,053 mm (+ 81 mm), wheelbase 2,564 mm (+ 94 mm), Boot capacity 351 litres (+ 71 liters).
  • Thanks to the MQB transverse modular platform, the pole sets new reference standards in its category: Front Assist, Blind Spot Detection, cruise control with automatic ACC distance adjustment, multi-collision system and headlights with LED technology, Equipment reserved for the upper classes.
  • The first pole with entirely digital instrumentation: The second generation Active Info Display debuts on the new VW Polo 2019.
  • Emotional and charismatic Design: the most vigorous front gives new exteriors more dynamism and expressiveness.
  • For all tastes: Trendline, Comfortline, Highline, GTI and four packs extend the range of available versions.
  • Ample customization Possibilities: 14 body colors and eight colors for the dash pad.
  • For the first time it is powered by methane: The motors deliver power ranging between 65 and 200 hp. The TGI Polo debuts at 90 hp methane gas.

When you try a camouflaged car and the “ordinary mortals”, that is, neither drivers nor connoisseurs but normal “consumers”, they fill you with compliments talking about a fantastic new car, you can be more than happy. But if the model in question is actually the current one, that sets aside to leave room for the new generation, well the pride of the compliments received leaves plenty of room for legitimate questions: if the old Volkswagen Polo (14 million of specimens Sold, from 1975 to present, almost 16.5 million with derived versions.) Is mistaken for what is yet to come, well how will it be to be the new one to. overcome itself?

In Volkswagen, before, during and after the realization of the sixth generation of a model that has great success in Europe, but even in Italy has more relevance of Golf as pointed out Andrea Alessi, director of the VW brand for Italy.

The answer is all in this challenge: to overcome oneself. The New VW Polo 2019, the sixth generation, beyond the elements of design and realization that make it bigger and more hospitable, more elegant and gritty, more emotional overall, has also become a very technological compact, a starting point of the German colossus To “get people to the future.” With this slogan, you can not only package ideas and projects, but it serves immediate substance.

And the new pole of technological substance boasts in abundance. All at the service of those who guide and who goes to settle in the cockpit of a compact that can well boast to be “one of the biggest cars among the small”, words of Alessi and all VW. Why is it very technological? Because it foreshadows much autonomous driving equipment, experienced in the urban and peripheral traffic of Hamburg, the largest city in Germany after Berlin. As standard, beyond the fittings, the five doors and perimeter control system front assist with emergency braking function City and recognition of pedestrians (with great efficacy as evidenced by our test, in which deliberately and under great attention, We let the car intervene without stepping on the pedals…), but also the multiple collision system. The car is in the column, follows the traffic, keeps a safe distance and we pilots just have to watch over any unexpected because for now, beyond the systems, the civil liability remains of man as they explain the regulations… The result of technological innovation is a fun and guiding car, in the context of the preference between engines, especially safe. It has a cue, it manages to contain consumption and emissions, but at the same time, it can come out brightly from delicate situations, depends on the foot. Above all, it controls better and in two: the pilot and the car itself alone

2019 VW Polo Engine Specs

VW Polo 2019 Interior Features & Dimension

Even inside it is worth the futuristic message, getting used, and well. Therefore the Polo is proposed as the first car in its category with a completely digital instrumentation: The Active Info Display, standard on the top set-up, is placed on a single horizontal and command axis, together with the infotainment systems. The 8 “display (not including the input version) has a touch surface in the glass. The online is a smartphone, with or without cable), there is a special space for induction charging, while VW has developed a dedicated App right away with Android, soon with Ios.

Note the timeliness of traffic information alerts and any queues: the navigator displayed obstacles, queues, and incidents and chose the alternative route alone, without us losing the plane to return. and (referring to the VW slogan) we got used to the future quickly.

The measures grow, the new platform has allowed widening the spaces and the comforts for pilots and passengers, increasing, for example, the space for the head. Not only that: The new Polo solves one of the doubts of the clientele, the space for the trunk that always makes discussion and not a little when it comes to compact cars. Well, the confirmation of the trunk of the sixth generation pole grows to accommodate 351 liters, well 70 liters more than before. Yet the designers have created a more dynamic and sporty model… with greater length and width, at the same time lowering the height even increasing the comfort even for those who are taller.

VW Polo 2019 Engine Specs

At the launch, the new Volkswagen Polo 2019 comes with 1.0-litre petrol engines, the two MPI 65 and 75 hp and the TSI from 95 horsepower, all paired with the 5-speed manual gearbox. Next comes the 1.0-liter 115 hp petrol with the 6-speed manual or the 7-ratio DSG and the 2.0 TSI from 200 hp with manual gearbox at 6 or 6 DSG; Then the 1.6-liter diesel engines, 80 hp with the 5-speed manual only and 95 Horses with the 5-speed manual or the 7-ratio DSG; Finally Methane 1.0 TGI 90 Hp with 5-speed manual gearbox.

VW Polo 2019 Price, Pros and Cons

Three set-ups: It starts from the already rich Trendline (Led Daytime Running lights with Coming/Leaving home function, speed limiter, multiple collision systems, perimeter control with emergency braking function City King recognition pedestrians, VW Connect and search by 15 “), to grow considerably with Comfortline and Highline levels. Also, four packages to enrich the new VW Polo 2019 even more. Later will be available the sporty Polo GTI: The price list starts at 13,600 euros for the version 1.0 MPI 65 Horsepower in Trendline preparation. And again, personalization through 14 body colors and eight colors for the dash pad, with circles from 15 to 18 inches some in contrasting chromatic, two interior trims and 11 seat coverings, even the contrasting roof. Pre-sale from September, marketing October 2017.

In terms of global comparison between the previous generation and the one that arrives, the current pole would cost 14,100 euros. The new one adds a pack worth 1,200 euros but it comes to cost at the end little more, ie 14,600 euro (price list should be remembered from 13,600 as already pointed out above). The Comfortline from 16000 euros rises to 16,200 but adds a value of 1800 euros; The Highline goes from 18,350 to 18,550 but adds content for 2400 euros. The residual value of the pole after the fateful three years (to keep it or return it) averagely stands at a 53-55%.

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