2019 Mercedes CLS Review; The New Style

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 - Mercedes
Next Generation Mercedes Cls Update

At the Los Angeles Auto Show debuts the 2019 Mercedes CLS. The facelift of the four sports doors is adorned with a revised optical group and an unprecedented plank, similar to that used on class E and S. Soon all technical specifications will be made known

We are in front of a knife blade by Sous Chef, increasingly sharpened as time passes. The Mercedes CLS 2019 debuts with sophisticated lines, aerodynamics (the Cx is 0.27) and unfailingly elegant. At first glance you can see immediately the most decisive change, also fogging of the new Class A that will be presented shortly.

The front optical groups are now narrower, a recipe that is exported even to the rear where the cut of the headlight is replicated in the shape of the terminals. Really very well managed the rear window, so inclined not to need-as it goes to fashion on today’s premium-wiper brush. On the other hand, the cameras are replacing the human eye, besides the fact that the owners of this jewel will be able to save (!) on the replacement of the brushes.

To change less-fortunately, given the success and the different imitations-is the front grille of the radiator as well as the overall line of the car. The new Mercedes CLS has flagship measurements, enough for a gamble with Porsche Panamera and Audi A7: The previous version was 4.94 meters long, 1.88 wide and 1.42 high. Playmate numbers that with the CLS 2018 will grow further.

The interior returns the philosophy set by the new class S and Class E: The central plank becomes one with the instrumentation, covered however-contrary to the class A 2018-by a sunshade. Probably the menus will be highly customizable as it dictates the experience of smartphones.

Next Generation Mercedes Cls Engine Specs; MPG

Nice and clean the central tunnel, as well as the luminous fascia that runs between wood inserts and precious materials. Mercedes, with the new 2019 Mercedes CLS, points to markets like the Chinese one where the owner sits behind and at the same time as the European in which on the contrary-the customer wants to drive. This says a lot about the level of comfort and luxury that has been profused throughout the cockpit and on the performance that can be expected from the car.

2019 Mercedes CLS Engine Specs

Mercedes CLS is the emblem of the 53 AMG badge to reach the incredible figure of 429CV thanks to an electric motor that goes to flank the six cylinders in the line of 3.0 liters.

The basic offer includes the prestigious 8d-Tronic (automatic nine-speed) on all versions, which are divided into four and six cylinders in line. Also choose the traction, simply at the rear or intelligent integral with the proven Mercedes 4Matic.

As for the power, the CLS starts from the last evolution of the 350. Which translates into a 2.0-liter turbo gasoline to give of her, is in fact accredited to 299CV and 400Nm of torque also thanks to the EQ Boost, the mild-hybrid with 48 V battery that puts on the plate 10kW and 150Nm.

Climbing with the powers we find the six cylinders in line of 3.0 liters, with electric compressor implemented by the aforementioned battery 48 V. A system that allows 435CV and 500Nm of maximum torque, the same adopted on the Mercedes S-class 450.

Passing to the Diesel opens with the 2019 Mercedes CLS 300d, a four-cylinder in-line 2.0-liter turbo with 194CV and 400Nm of torque. Higher on the performance scale returns the six cylinders declined in the 350d and 400d versions. The numbers of these two engines are, usually, frightening: we find respectively 286hp for 600Nm and Ben 340CV for 700Nm of maximum torque.

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