New Ford S-Max Van Review; Powerful 7 Seater Van

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 - Ford
2019 Ford S-Max Van Review

We tried the 2019 Ford S-Max Vignale equipped from 2.0 liters from 180 hp and 400nm of maximum torque. 7 seats, so much luxury and comfort on board by reference. Here is our test with strengths and weaknesses of the new S-Max complete with video

The 2019 Ford S-Max Vignale is one of the last bulwarks in the world of the minivan but also in 2018 knows how to make love and not only by the admirers of the genre. In the version that we have tried then the attention to the details, the quality and the assemblages manage to make the daily journeys a something very special. Although Ford is obviously an American brand, the name Vignale that identifies the most luxurious of the productions available in the range comes from our country.

In fact, Alfredo Vignale was a Turin coachman who worked on extremely ambitious projects starting from the Second World War until the first half of the seventies. Acquired by Ford, the brand was put on the back burner until the Blue Oval company decided to use it to form a particularly sought-after range.

So we are in front of a high-end model, with well-calibrated lines to make the car as light as possible at first glance. The seven places, in this case, are not only marketing, despite the fact that they are not exactly comfortable adult people you can travel without problems.

2019 Ford S-Max Size & Dimensions

The car outwardly looks very well. The front, immediately recognizable, is characterized by LED optical groups and a front grille well finished by an aluminum frame. Material that, to well see, runs throughout the car from the moldings to the frames of fog and windows, accompanied by well-defined ribs to carve the line.

2019 Ford S-Max Redesign & Changes

Laterally stand out the air intakes to Gill and the inscription Vignale, which returns also to the rear. The latter is characterized by two rather voluminous discharges and an integrated spoiler, while the load threshold is sufficiently low to facilitate the use of the boot, which can also be opened by passing a foot under the car. Glass and rear window are obscured.

Speaking of dimensions, the S-Max is granted a length of 4.89 meters for a width of 1.92 and a height of 1.68: Consider that several sports sedans tend to exceed 5 meters without too many problems and the habitability, at those juns, is quite another thing.

Interior Capacity

The modulability of spaces is extremely varied. The front seats can be adjusted in a dozen different parameters (including lumbar posture and side supports), while the rear sofa counts on between independent seats from each other and together with the third row can be reclined with a System baptized Easy-Fold.

The cargo compartment, really wide as is suitable for every minivan, starts from 700 liters of availability-in configuration 5 places-that become well 2,200 liters once the seats of the second row are also killed. To make the whole thing airier, the Vignale also has a wide panoramic roof. The white leather upholstery then gives more light to the cockpit and comfort to the seat. The excellent configuration of the bridge, which suffers only a little plastic material finished around the central area. Instrumentation and infotainment, on the other hand, are well readable and in the case of the display (with an integrated navigator), The fruition is simple and intuitive.

Engine Specs

The engine of the S-Max in Test, a Diesel of 2.0 liters and 180 Horsepower, was coupled to a robotized gearbox with 6 gears and the whole traction, a cocktail able to amalgamate well a guide always safe to a full-bodied and linear motor.

Test Drive

of comfort, between driving position and quality, we said it all. But this is almost never a question when we are dealing with the minivan. What we can discuss, if anything, is the drivability of a medium that makes space its own great strength.

Once turned on, the Ford S-Max proves immediately well-soundproof, a quality that you can appreciate at high speeds on the highway. The steering is quite soft and the ratio of reduction allows to extract in maneuvers without too many laps of the steering wheel, the sensation is to drive a compact.

The automatic transmission performs well, managing to manage the dispensing in a linear but ready. The only thing to be careful about is that the position “S”-for a more sporty ride is immediately following the “D”, so if you find yourself with a more performing engine than you usually know why. On the whole, however, the car reacts with accelerator readiness and braking, despite the mass, is always a the point and well modulated.

The feeling of solidity transmitted by the car also comes back to the guide, where the S-Max is more stable than you can imagine. In a car where they are likely to travel often children-often and willingly taken by nausea in long journeys-driving a well-planted car on the ground can make a difference. The electronic controls in this direction increase the safety on board like the 7 airbags carefully arranged inside the cockpit.

The guide is therefore intuitive, fast and stable: you can not expect better. The large window, the panoramic roof and a rear window that leaves little to the imagination allow an optimum visibility of what we have around, perhaps made an exception for a pillar to a little too often. Nothing worrying. To give us further confirmation of the goodness of the whole is the refueling: we are at nearly 20km with a liter of fuel, really impressive number considered the car in question.

2019 Ford S-Max Review; Verdict

The Ford S-Max Vignale proved to be an excellent companion during the two-week trial. Agile, comfortable and luxurious, it makes long journeys and days of work always a little easier. The small imperfections (central tunnel Little finished, upright to rather voluminous) are not enough to affect a concrete product, extremely versatile and with a refined style. The sale price, of just over €40,000, is widely justified by endowment and overall quality.

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