2019 Mercedes A-Class Interior; Very Attractive Future Cabin

Sunday, October 14th, 2018 - Mercedes
2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Interior Changes

A press release Daimler makes light on the interiors of the New Mercedes A-Class, waiting for the next Geneva Motor Show and repeatedly pinched during testing rounds. The car looks like the future: large screens, maximum visibility, minimalism. The mechanics is set aside in favor of technology and style, the success is announced

Daimler has unveiled the interiors of the new Mercedes class in 2018, without too many rounds of words the most awaited sedan of the year. Anticipated by the concept, shots in the test phase and whatever else is expected at the next Geneva Motor Show. The interiors do not leave a chance to interpretations, the new long-awaited software for the management of infotainment seems to be ready to debut.

The bridge develops horizontally and points to the future, which is to minimise physical controls in favor of a more airy and blunt environment. In recent years we have seen many concepts, drafts and drawings depicting interiors tending to vacuum, perhaps without the driver’s seat now surpassed by the autonomy of the car.

No flying, I mean, just a comfortable armchair in which to make a living room. And the 2019 Mercedes A-class, in addition to inspiring the Elder sisters (class S and Class E) aims without the digitalization.

The new G-class will also have a single longitudinal display, but it seems that on the king of the off-road speedometer and tachometer are still analog. The small house is a strong and clear signal on future developments but still leaves some perplexity.

2019 Mercedes A Class Interior Features and Improvement

The scenic effect is really remarkable, although reasonably the one in the picture is not the basic version. The circular air vents-always in the history of Mercedes-make their return in great style, while the central tunnel is under different viewpoints at the top of the category. In short, there are flagships back of several years on the newborn from the star of Stuttgart.

Things appear to be done well to the bottom if we analyze inserts and seats, definitely in tune with the rest of the environment. The work in short is important, successful and above all aimed at lowering the average age for the customer Mercedes. With the last Class A (of 2012, when from the minivan passed to the sedan) the Star brand has won a slice of customers so far inaccessible, what made possible also thanks to the sophisticated leasing programs and instalments purchases.

What seems to change less than the previous version with this class at 2018 is the skeleton: the engines continue to be of Renault conception, as well as the platform and other different components. It does not seem therefore that there will be a return to the rear wheel drive, a market that also BMW is preparing to leave with the next series 1.

A shareable choice-most of the owners of these cars would not know where the traction comes from-which is a little bit to the enthusiasts, looking for a car based on sportsmanship but not for this too demanding in maneuvers and Maintenance.

In the meantime the trunk grows, the controls to the infotainment are given through a trackpad and among the options we find a long list of shades with ambient lights to color the cockpit. The large display lacks a sort of eyelash for the brightest hours of the day, but it is hard to think that Mercedes has not already provided this detail. The New 2019 Mercedes A-class, meanwhile, scares the competitors.

2019 Mercedes A-Class Interior; Very Attractive Future Cabin Pictures

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