Lexus Digital Rearview Mirrors Review – It’s Clear?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 - Lexus
Lexus Digital Rearview Mirrors Problems

Lexus is the first company to introduce digital rearview mirrors on the market, composed of a high-definition camera and a display inside the car.

For someone there will be so much technology for little progress, for others, it will be luxury. Which then, on closer inspection, is the same thing. Lexus sold a new type of rear-view mirror in October 2018. In fact, we find an extremely clear camera to take the back view of the car and then project it on a display placed between the windshield and windows, fixed on the A-pillar.

Obviously two “eyes” and two screens, one on each side. That it was only a matter of time before it was presented a similar device was to be given for granted. That it becomes a practice for all vehicles on the market is, frankly, much more difficult.

The house did not want to say how much it would cost to replace a mirror or what would happen to the tilting screen in case you travel to completely lowered windows.

However, Lexus has explained how this system is able to improve visibility in all conditions, both in the optimal ones for traditional mirrors and (especially) when there is low visibility due to rain, fog or other.

Lexus Digital Rearview Mirrors on Lexus LS

In fact, the camera is not weathered and works optimally even at night time. At the moment the debut is set on the new Lexus ES that we will see in Japan. The European legislation has not yet approved this device, but in all likelihood, we will soon see on our roads.

Without looking too far, the parking cameras, considered excessive until a few years ago, have revolutionized the market to become indispensable on any car worthy to call itself that, even if the staging is not the richest. It must be said, however, that if parking has always been a maneuver difficult for most people, having such delicate rear-view mirrors in the streets of the city center could be too obvious a danger.

The system can be used when the size of the cameras such as the display will become minimal, but it is difficult to say when this will happen.

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