Kia Rio 2019 Review; 1.4 CRDi 90 Horsepower, Pretty Solid

Sunday, November 18th, 2018 - Kia
2019 Kia Rio Release Date and MSRP Usa

We had in the newsroom a Kia Rio 2019 for more than three months, so to know at the bottom merits and flaws that characterize the five Korean doors. The 1.4 Diesel pushes strong thanks to torque 240Nm and on board there is all the technology that is expected from a premium. In Cool fitting costs €18,600, here are our driving impressions.

There has always been, but never as now the new Kia Rio catches the looks on the streets. We are at the fourth generation, in a path that brought the small Korean in the garages of a disproportionate number of customers who continue to add new ones. The reasons for this success are in the eyes of all. The new Kia Rio 2019 has a modern and well-groomed engine, lending engines (but little thirsty) and a lot of technology on board.

The price then is extremely competitive. In Italy Kia was made wide in the heart of motorists with Sportage, a crossover with so much substance and a few waivers compared to the premium Teutonic bill. The 7-year official guarantee-an exclusive Kia-help to put further confidence in East Asia that the European customer has learned to know through smartphones and televisions of the latest generation. We have tried the new Kia Rio 2019 in Cool and Style pack equipped with the brilliant 1.4 turbo diesel CRDi by 90 Horsepower, a real testimonial of the downsizing.

Kia Rio 2019 Redesign and Changes

Kia chose, now more than ten years ago, to relaunch its brand in Europe. To do so, she was entrusted to Peter Schreyer, known mainly for being the designer of the first series of Audi TT and Audi A3, Audi A4 and A6 at the end of the nineties. Schreyer, arrived in Kia, immediately spoke of identity: “In the past the Kia were neutral cars, when you saw one on the street you could not understand if they were Korean or Japanese-said to the leaders-I think it is extremely important that anyone who is able to recognize A Kia when he sees one, distinguishing from the mass. ” The identity of the new Kia course is the tiger nose out of the pencil of the German designer: the line manages to give a recognizable and avant-garde style to cars, which can count on a tiger’s nose to break through the market. For those who do not know, the aesthetic is by far the most important reason for customers when it comes to buying a new car.

Kia Rio then sports the front Tiger Nose and has a rather wide bottom grille with two side nozzles that integrate the fog lights. The Led headlamps, well studied and scenographic, meet in the central molding. The care placed on the front, on the other hand, is found for the rest of the car. Sideways the rear-view mirrors with integrated direction indicators, the belt of the window tends to be higher than the norm and proportions that incite to the sportsmanship: the bonnet, in fact, is rather elongated compared to the posterior, which closes NET to maximize the pace and consequently the internal habitability. In our case-thanks to the pack style-the rear windows and the rear window are obscured.

2019 Kia Rio Interior Photos

The latter in any way is cared for and sporty. In fact, the optical units are well finished, the integrated spoiler closes sideways in a contrasting black and the horizontal protrusion meets with the side. Well succeeded also the hint to the rear deflectors. Among the things that conquer and help to give a mature air to the car there are the alloy wheels from 17 ″ to 8 spokes split. Until here, in short, there is very little to object on the choices of designers.

The size is from the city car but they do not turn their backs on trips. The length of 407cm (from which a step of 258cm is obtained), the width of l173cm and the height of 145cm allow a good habitability without sacrificing the agility in the parking lots. Good size of the boot-although the cargo bay is a bit high of 325 liters in standard configuration, which rise to 980 breaking down the seats.

Kia Rio 2019 Interior & Features

The key is electronic, so to unlock the doors you can keep it in your pocket. Once on board we appreciate immediately the finishing of the interior and the driving position, not necessarily sporting but able to leave everything under control. The steering wheel is well adjustable as well as the seat, while the different buttons are all pretty easy to reach.

Very effective controls at the wheel-where there is also the cruise Control-as well as those of infotainment, touchscreen (excellent navigation) and enriched with shortcuts really comfortable. The instrumentation if the quarry without infamy and without praise, is to appreciate however the possibility of customizing the central display with information on travel, consumption, and driving.

The central console is then composed of a pushbutton panel with the controls of the climate that, to be true, could be more varied: set the airflow in one or another way is not so simple, you have to manually close the vents that do not interest us .

Against the cleanliness of the interior and the functionality of the car can only leave us satisfied. Good the space of the drawer for the documents, as well as the compartment is hidden in the armrest. Behind it sits comfortable in two adults and is tight in three, but the sky (i.e. the ceiling of the car) is not so close to the head.

Kia Rio 2019 Specs; Engines, fittings, and prices

Kia Rio is available in four different productions: City, ECO-GPL, Active and Cool. In City Configuration The car can only be had with the MPI 1.2, a four-cylinder gasoline from 84 Hp and 143Nm of torque which, as the name implies, was thought mainly for the city also considered the manual gearbox to five ratios. With this engine also works the ECO-LPG, available with the homonymous setting.

Switching to Active the choice widens: to 1.2 petrol is added the new T-GDI 1 liter-always gasoline-with 100 Hp  and 171Nm, a masterpiece of downsizing and economy in consumption. Active however also proposes the Diesel with the 1.4 CRDi 6-speed, the engine from 77 Hp and 240Nm of torque that we find in our Cool and we’ll talk about shortly. In addition to the already mentioned 1,400 to diesel, the Cool setting proposes the already mentioned a thousand gasoline.

As for the prices, without considering the different promotions that KIA offers customers-as we write the ECO-GPL is on offer at €12,800-we depart from the €13,100 of Kia Rio City with 1.2 MPI to get to the top of the range we had in testing, the Rio Cool with Diesel from 1.4 liters to €18,500.

Kia Rio 2019 Test Drive

The car comes on as soon as we press on the starter with the feet on clutch and brake. The Diesel sets in motion silent as if it were a gasoline Mileage and the headlights-set to auto-automatically adapt to the light conditions. This little gem, along with the wipers that work alone through a sensor, is well-loved from the start. The manual parking brake is a comfortable ally, as well as the driving position with which to keep the situation well under control.

Just a nothing to notice the readiness of the engine at low and medium revs, where the torque (of 240Nm) does an incredible job making the driving fun and suitable for the restarting. You want to push on the accelerator, to insert the gears as tokens in the phone booth and to run a little ‘ more than allowed. The gearbox has a short, sporty excursion, although driving in a syncopated way can be a bit ‘ inaccurate to bring us back to reality without too much: the engine is really brilliant and does not hesitate to respond, if necessary can relax thanks to a sixth From highway-quite long-and to parameters that safeguard consumption, but it is not made to run. In any way in Kia have worked in the right way to offer a braking system worthy of this name, able to stop the 1235Kg in running order without uncertainties.

Let’s go back to talking about the car. If there is one thing that can amaze as much as the engine, this is the driving comfort. The suspensions are perfectly calibrated to absorb bumps, cobblestones and rough roads without injuring, but they are also stiff enough to deal with a tight mix of cheerful gait. Even in these cases the roll is not intrusive and does not dirty the trajectory, if we wanted to look for the hair in the egg we would say that in the most abrupt restarting the Rio tends to “sit”, which however is not a problem and is indeed an indication of how much the suspension has been Think for the street everyday.

The steering wheel is soft enough to leave everything behind in the city lanes and the steering radius turned out to be average for the size of the car. Well also in the parking lots, where in addition to a visibility more than acceptable we meet the rear camera and proximity sensors, in good company with other technological treats. Kia Rio 2019 is equipped with a precise and simple navigator that integrates the Android car and Apple car Play services In addition to the most canonical Bluetooth, DAB, AUX and USB. In this regard, we find a USB socket and two cigarette lighters. The driving aid includes automatic emergency braking, lane maintenance and classic electronic systems such as ABS and TCS. The latter, if provoked, intervenes a little abruptly cutting the power, but does his duty as a guardian angel.


The new Kia Rio 2019 is a successful machine to the bottom: it offers everything you could want and does it at a reference price. We will never get tired of saying how much the Korean brand is convincing, establishing itself all round in an increasingly complex market. The spaces on board are generous, the line pleasant and the endowment does not make you want anything else. Good driving sensations, excellent fuel economy. The 7-year warranty then ensures trust to those who pass for the first time to Kia.

Kia Rio 2019 Review; 1.4 CRDi 90 Horsepower, Pretty Solid Pictures

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