Bugatti Type 100: The New Hybpercar Inspired by Chiron

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018 - Bugatti
Bugatti Type 100 Price & Debut Premiere

The work of designer Hao Hu, the Bugatti Type 100 is a hypercar inspired by Chiron that aims to compete with brands such as Pagani and Koenigsegg.

Bugatti Type 100 Concept

When it comes to sophisticated and sophisticated hypercars, few brands exceed the prestige of Bugatti. The cars assembled by the French manufacturer are not only fast, but they also offer a lot of comforts and they definitely set the trend between those – lucky he/she – can afford these sports cars. with the launch of the Bugatti Divo, which took place a few months ago, the brand took a slightly less sober and more “hardcore” direction, so to speak, thus winking at the hypercar market that focuses on extreme performance. A bit like what happens with Pagani and Koenigsegg.

Called Bugatti Type 100, the car we offer is the result of the work of designer Hao Hu, who took inspiration from Bugatti Chiron. Hao has taken inspiration but has created a specific car body, which incorporates distinctive traits attributable to the Bugatti brand. The front, very aggressive, boasts a specific grid, LED lights, a splitter in carbon fiber and very large air intakes. The roof and the windows are low and help to give life to design much more slender than that of Chiron.

If the front is surprising, it is no less the back, perhaps even more gritty. Instead of the window, there is a large carbon panel that includes the new roof and a small spoiler useful for optimizing aerodynamics. The air comes out of the rear fascia after passing from the body of the car. It would be nice to see such a hypercar really realized, but it will probably remain only a dream.

so far we haven’t found out when the Bugatti Type 100 will be available in the dealership. especially about the price, of course, we don’t know. but we will definitely provide updates.

Bugatti Type 100 Price & Debut Premiere

Bugatti Type 100: The New Hybpercar Inspired by Chiron Pictures

Bugatti Type 100 Release DateBugatti Type 100 Price & Debut PremiereBugatti Type 100 HypercarBugatti Type 100 ConceptBugatti Type 100 Specifications
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