2020 Opel Combo Life Review; Spacious & Fuel efficient

Friday, September 21st, 2018 - Opel
2020 Opel Combo Life Fuel Economy

Get in-depth expert information for the 2020 Opel Combo Life Vans including Release Date, Specs, Fuel Economy, pricing, features and More. Opel raises the shot and looks back at the Van market with an offer that aims to break the existing balance. 2020 Opel Combo Life is a proposal that has all the credentials to become a sales success thanks to a balanced mix of style, technology, safety devices and lots of space on board.

Opel proposes to the market the fifth generation of Combo: a practical and spacious van that initially conquered the world of commerce and subsequently it was converted, with reasonable success, to passenger transport. The versions with which Opel Combo presents itself to the market in this fifth generation after 30 years of success are two: the “Van” version – intended for the transport of goods and the “Life” version – intended for the transport of people.

2020 Opel Combo Life Dimensions & Platform

Passengers who can find seats are 5 or 7 depending on the step: short or long. The measures of the respective versions are 4.40 meters or 4.75 meters and the increase in wheelbase also contributes to improving the load capacity that goes from 595 liters to 850 liters for the long wheelbase version and is respectively 2,126 and 2693 liters when you want to use all the available space sacrificing passengers.

The starting point for this versatile vehicle is the EMP2 platform, at least in the front, which we have already seen in the past used in many PSA Group cars that Opel has been part of for some time. This platform allows to obtain good results in terms of modularity and containment of weight and is well suited to the needs of the project.

The Performance of this Combo Life are many and the solution is suitable for all those who are looking for a car from large spaces with unlimited loading solutions for large families or for sports fans looking for a way modern, practical and youthful to live your passions.

2020 Opel Combo Life Dimensions

The external appearance, starting from the front, is characterized by the important grid at the center of which the German company logo is placed. The LED headlights, now a must, illuminate the road and the forms, in general, do not deviate much from the styles used by Opel cars. Perhaps the real innovation lies in the fact that for the first time we try to transport them to the van world.

The many ribs make the vehicle strong and muscular, a symptom of the fact that with this product we are looking for a new slice of customers, in addition to those that already come from the brand. The appearance is evocative of a modern car designed for long journeys. Access to the rear area is via the classic side sliding door that is well suited to a city use where spaces can be reduced.

Entering aboard the “Life” version you forget for a moment that you are on board a large van. The restyling work started from scratch and the scene is dominated by the 8-inch display placed in the middle. Looking around you can count 28 objects. The most intelligent of all is perhaps the load compartment located above the trunk that allows you to recover a space that would otherwise be lost.

The important safety features include some typical elements of Opel cars such as sleep prevention, Lane Keep Assist, pedestrian recognition, and automatic emergency braking. In total, you can then get to set up the car with as many as 19 driving and safety systems such as recognition speed limits, the lane maintenance system and the Adaptive Control System.

2020 Opel Combo Life Engine? The Diesel is light years ahead

We always hear about diesel engines associated with the concept of pollution and yet Opel has a product catalog that today anticipates market standards for a long time and has very low levels of emissions. I refer to the homologation and 6D-TEMP that characterizes all the diesel engines with which this van is equipped. The choice can fall on the 1.5-liter 130 hp with the EAT8 automatic transmission or on smaller 1.5 liters of 107 hp and 76 hp. Perhaps this last cut, park in consumption, could be a bit ‘weak at full load. If you want a petrol engine then you can opt for the 110 hp cut driven by the 1.2-liter Turbo engine.

2020 Opel Combo Life Test Drive

In the very first maneuver I was struck by the turning radius: very small and I would dare to say less than many cars I have driven in the past. It will seem trivial, but being able to easily maneuver a van is not a small thing. To support the maneuvers you can use the many cameras located outside the vehicle that can also identify the perpendicular traffic during the exits from the parking lot.

You drive like a car of average size without sacrifices because the 1.5-liter 130-hp engine I tried has the right shot to balance all the needs of everyday life. The EAT8 transmission makes the journey smooth and well suited to this medium. Maybe I would not opt for manual transmission. Then there is the technology sector focused on the 8-inch display. The IntelliLink infotainment system is equipped with touch technology and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Do not miss the possibility to recharge the phone wirelessly.

I think it is a valid alternative for all those who seek space, onboard technology, safety in a modern car. To appreciate the ecological engine that will not give problems for many years.

2020 Opel Combo Life Release Date and Price

Opel Combo Life is on offer at 16.900, can be ordered immediately and delivered in late September. Alternatively, the price starts at 21.400 for the petrol version and starts at 25.900 for the diesel version.

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