2020 Mercedes GLE: Redesign, New Engine, Safety Features & MBUX

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes GLE Interior Capacity

The 2020 Mercedes GLE blends luxury and off-road equipment by collecting the heritage of the first, historic ML. The most important innovations are the E-Active Body Control, updated engines, and the MBUX infotainment system.

‘Mercedes GLE answers only one request: no compromises. When in 1997 the Casa Della Stella presented Class M, specifically the SUV ML, it opened the doors of a new segment, that of the high-performance Sports Utility. Most of today’s SUVs are, let’s face it, raised saloons (or even couples). Key elements such as all-wheel drive and high-versatility suspension have in fact gone into the background. Needless to say, the new Mercedes-Benz GLE keeps the name of the purist SUVs high with this solid model year update.

The 2020 Mercedes GLE brings the spectacular (even in scenographic terms) E-Active Body Control system, engines updated to Euro 6d standards and the refined MBUX electronic management system. In addition, of course, to more refined lines and similar to the last stylistic language undertaken by the House.

You will certainly have the big Cadillacs jumping around thanks to the hydraulic suspension in a glittering aftermarket triumph, Born in the USA stuff. Mercedes GLE, thanks to improved Airmatic air suspension, uses the mechanism to free the car from dunes and other adversities. Combining business with pleasure has never been so spontaneous, also because the system is not limited to this.

Since each wheel is independent of the others, the GLE is able to reduce to a minimum pitch, roll and yaw thanks to a constant control of the asphalt (Road Surface Scan) and in the same way to maximize the performance in terms of sports driving. The system works through a 48V battery, that is to say, something comparable to the units used in mild-hybrid engines.

2020 Mercedes GLE Price & Availability


The engine range of the 2020 Mercedes GLE inaugurates the 6d approvals (not to be confused with the temp, less refined) both for the Diesel and for the petrol. Those who choose diesel can orientate themselves on the solid six-cylinder in-line including a 4Matic all-wheel drive for all its variations, that is 400d (330CV and 700Nm of torque) 350d (272CV and 600Nm of torque) and finally 300d (with 245CV and 500Nm). In all the versions the Daimler branded diesel meets the most stringent anti-pollution regulations thanks to the new SCR particulate filter.

Only a choice, at the time of launch, for those who choose gasoline, further evidence of the efforts made by the House in the development of diesel engines. The new engine, however, uses the EQ Boost technology by combining the 6-cylinder petrol engine with 367 hp and 500Nm an electric motor capable of adding another 250Nm of torque on the weighing pan. In this way, GLE guarantees its ticket for access to the strict ZTL and the extensive list of advantages dedicated to those who choose hybrid engines.


If you thought of air suspension as something sci-fi, it’s because you’ve probably never had to deal with the new MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) proposed with GLE. First of all, it is good to clarify that this is an evolution of modern infotainment, starting with the display which is represented by two 12.3-inch touchscreen displays.

The Daimler technology, therefore, allows you to interact with the interior through gestures of the hand – which GLE recognizes as that of the driver or passenger, acting accordingly – and in words, thanks to the voice assistant. A large undergrowth of settings, preferences, and customizations awaits the vehicle users who, for once, will have to spend a few hours of apprenticeship to master the vehicle.

The Mercedes engineers we want to emphasize, however, that in addition to having 40 new features especially related to off-road, the new MBUX “has the capacity for learning, made possible by artificial intelligence. With the predictive functions, MBUX plays ahead of time by anticipating the wishes of the driver, if he so wishes. ” Here you are, therefore, an amazing wow factor.

2020 Mercedes GLE Release Date, Price & Equipment

In practice, the new GLE becomes bigger. The wheelbase reaches 2.995 mm (80 more) and can accommodate the third row of seats on request, while the boot offers a useful space of 825 liters (2,055 by breaking down the rear bench). As for prices, fittings and release date in dealerships Mercedes have not yet made statements, but we expect to see the 2020 Mercedes GLE for sale as early as the first few months of 2019.

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