2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe: Redesign, Engine & Specs

Saturday, March 9th, 2019 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe MSRP and Equipment

He made his debut after seeing her at CES in Las Vegas, but will only be on sale in May, the 2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe.

Mercedes CLA continues the definition of the Mercedes compact car family, now composed of seven models with the new CLA; they will become eight in the near future (we resend in April). The sporty cut will then represent an attraction for young people: not a novelty, the cars of this family have managed to reduce the average age of the Mercedes customer of 13 years, excellent result, considering that it is obtained with range models medium-high. By the way: the price list of the CLA has not yet been defined, but the base price will be between that of Sedan, 30,000 euros and that of C-class  37,000.

2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe Redesign

The new 2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe has a sporty character, classy but classy: clean lines and streamlined – the CX of 0.23 is the best in the category – extended hood, wide track with protruding wheel arches, low and compact, traits that make it the sportier than the new generation of compact Mercedes.

Other notable features are found in the front tilted forward, with halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights, and the typical Matrix radiator grille with central Star, and in the tail, which with the rear lights narrow and split, and the plate moved to low, closely resembles the CLS , cars of another category, other price and further point in favor of the CLA.

In the first year the CLA will also be available in a limited edition Edition 1, with exclusive aesthetic elements and gritty orange finishes.

2020 Mercedes CLA Design - Futuristic and Elegant

2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe Interior

Never nostalgic cars, never explicit references to the past: this is the philosophy of Mercedes. In fact, on board the CLA the decisive projection to the future is perceived, in the steering wheel controls, of the doors, and in particular in the center console and in the seats. But there are some subtle historical references, the vents similar to those of the SLR of the ’70s, and then the large square display without the classic cover cap, which also offers the possibility to customize the screens.

The electronics, and in particular the possibility of connection and interaction with the latest devices, allows us to provide very complex services: the CLA offers the most up-to-date version of the MBUX voice control system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), which integrating the management of the commands commands is able to recognize more complex questions, for example “Which Asian restaurants that welcome children are nearby, but which are neither Chinese nor Japanese?”.

Among the many features we point out the connection to home voice control systems ( Google Home, Amazon Echo ), and so, from home, you can ask the CLA: “How much fuel is there in the tank?” And, vice versa, from the CLA you can ask to “Turn on the heating at home”.

An agreement with Garmin has allowed to interface also the smartwatches of the American House, and if the model worn has the functions of estimating stress and sleep, it manages to improve the functions of the Energizing Coach, managing at best the “spa” of the car, air conditioning and seat functions (heating, ventilation, massage), while adjusting the lue and choosing the right music at the time.

A very useful system is the augmented reality navigator. When the speed drops below a preset limit, a camera takes the road again and returns it to the navigation screen, adding the information needed for navigation, facilitating the guide to the extreme.

Last feature, always among many, is the car sharing management system, useful if you want to share the car in the company, in the family and in general between several people: manages the agenda and allows access to the car with the mobile phone (the key is always inside).

The system of functions offered by the electronics is constantly evolving, and further developments are planned, and the application of an advanced artificial intelligence system that manages the data stored in a cluod is being studied (a standard is being created).

2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe Safety – Just Like S-Class

The 2020 Mercedes CLA is equipped with the latest generation driver assistance systems, and offers the highest level of active safety in the segment, thanks to cameras and radars that allow you to see up to 500 meters. Using the cartographic and navigation data, the Distronic distance assistance active assistance system (part of the driver assistance systems package, on request), is able to change the speed in the vicinity of curves, intersections or roundabouts. Added to these functions is the assistance system active in emergency braking and active assistance when changing lanes.

The active anti-skid system (standard) can signal with a slight vibration of the steering wheel, the accidental abandonment of the lane (between 60 and 200 km / h) and, if the car crosses a continuous demarcation strip, is able to bring it back on track by braking the wheels on the same side. The Pre-Safe Plus instead detects the danger of a rear impact.

2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe Engine

The CLA is available in the 180 D version, with a 4-cylinder 1500 cc, 116 hp engine, fueled by common rail injection with variable geometry turbocharger and 7G-DCT (double clutch) gearbox, Euro 6.2; 180/200, 4-cylinder engine of 1300 cc, 162 hp, 7G-DCT gearbox , cylinder exclusion system, pistons with DLC segments, variable timing camshafts, particle filter; 220 4MATIC and 250 4MATIC, always 4 cylinders, 1900 cc, 190 and 224 hp, 8G-DCT transmission, turbocharger, particulate filter and cylindrical cylindrical cylinders, close to the top dead center, where the seal is needed, and more open towards the ‘lower, to limit friction.

2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe: Redesign, Engine & Specs Pictures

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