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Friday, February 15th, 2019 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes A 180d MBUX Systems

2020 Mercedes A 180d rows in size and features a technology at the top, with the flagship of the MBUX system. It starts from less than 30 thousand euros, even with this interesting diesel euro 6.2

The new C segment of the Teutonic house debuted last year, making news especially for two reasons: its new appearance and the MBUX system. In addition to responding (we’ll see how) to the command ” Hey Mercedes “, the 2020 Mercedes A 180d under the hood conceals a park propeller, but not at all subdued. The 1,500 diesel engine with 116 horses is the son of the partnership with the Renault Group and is combined with an automatic transmission (or better double clutch) with 7 ratios.

2020 Mercedes A 180d Redesign & Changes

Aesthetically this Class A is recognized for the new proportions, it is indeed 12 cm longer than the previous model, reaching 4.41 meters, for almost 1.80 wide and with a step that grows 3 cm. They are now 273 total, but the front track is even 14 mm. The front is defined by the long lowered bonnet, with ribs that cut it and take the look towards the generous Matrix grille. The headlights show a sporty luminous signature and the car can be equipped with MULTIBEAM LED technology.

The side clearly shows an elongated line and new proportions, is cleaner and more elegant than in the past, while in the rear area we find new optical groups with an extended triangular development. For this 2020 Mercedes, A 180d exhaust is hidden and there are no fake terminals, which often make some fans discuss and that we find combined with other engines. Very accurate, according to Mercedes tradition, the study at the aerodynamic level, with excellent value of 0.25 for the CX, also to obtain very high levels of efficiency.

2020 Mercedes A 180d Interior – MBUX

Inside, all the attention immediately goes to the MBUX system, even higher than the high-end models, with a trend reversal compared to the history of Mercedes Benz. In fact, in the past, he had used to debut all the main innovations first on the S-Class, and then lower them to the entire range. Needless to deny it, anyone who climbs on board the Class A can only be struck by the element that encloses the two screens, for instrumentation and infotainment.

2020 Mercedes A 180d Fuel Economy

On the basic versions, the screens are 7 “, while this spectacular matched by 10.25” is destined for the richer productions. This is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the A-Class, not only visually, but because, thanks to artificial intelligence, MBUX brings the voice commands at a higher level

Between this and the overflow keys on the steering wheel, the experience is really pleasant, but there is still something missing to have a complete intuitive reading of the commands given by our voice. Of course, we are on the right track because just a few words are enough to get what in the past required several steps and a much longer time.

Change station by switching to your favorite radio, cancel the navigator’s route or know the weather forecast, all without moving a finger and using only your own voice.

The instrumentation is then configurable with a combination of many options, for the three areas of the display and, if desired, projecting the navigator’s map to full size. Almost everything is intuitive, although at the beginning it can be easy to get lost trying, for example,

MBUX and the instrument panel definitely steal the attention on the rest of the passenger compartment, at least at the first approach. Going into detail, however, we can discover that the habitability has improved, we also find a trunk of 370 liters(+ 29), even if it is not yet at the top of its category. It is however for confirmation and exploitation because the compartment has linear shapes and is also very well finished. The folding backrests in three zones, 40-20-40 then leave the possibility of modulating the space according to need.

The perceived quality is also excellent, with some noteworthy elements, such as the very personal air vents (also equipped with a choreographic illumination, others a subdued pile, like the classic dipstick with which the automatic transmission is managed, on the right side of the column steering is made of plastic, not really premium.

Then there are numerous (5 in all) USB C type sockets, which lead us to the future perhaps, but that will immediately force the purchase of a few ‘adapters for the more classic USB standard.

2020 Mercedes A 180d Engine Specs

As for the engine, the AdBlue system makes its debut to make the 1,500 cc of the 2020 Mercedes A 180d, which is the result of the partnership with the Renault Group, more environmentally friendly and in compliance with the so-called Euro 6.2 standards (Euro6.d tmp).

Now it is capable of 116 hp at 4,000 rpm , with a torque of 260 Nm 1,750 rpm and, thanks to the 7G-DCT auto transmission, ion, it brings this car from 0 to 100 in 10.5 seconds and up to a top speed of 202 km / h . This is an engine that makes efficiency one of its best qualities, given that the reported figure of 4.1 l per 100 km combined cycle, results in a real consumption close to 20 km / l. This is also because, in addition to aerodynamics with a record-breaking CX, the A-Class is bigger, but weighs 20 kg less .

If someone reading “Renault” for the origin of a Mercedes engine could turn up their nose, we are sure that this engine is able to convince virtually everyone. It offers more than adequate performance, resumes well from the low revs and the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission makes it smooth and very soft in the reactions, with a high level of comfort on board. Of course, it is not a lightning bolt of war, but some overtaking is done without the slightest problem and, on the whole, we believe it is a perfect unit for this car. It shows the side only in terms of noise , which in some situations becomes slightly excessive.

At the wheel, you can appreciate the steps forward compared to the previous generation, given that the Class A offers better stability at high speeds, thanks to the longer length, especially for the extended wheelbase, but also counts on the wider front track, which offers a safer support. At the same time, this A 180 d is also at home on tight turns and the best visibility helps a lot in city driving. It is worth mentioning the optional active suspension, but above all the driving aids, such as the DISTRONIC distance adjustment and the active steering assistance system , which go in the direction of the assisted driving.


The ADAS package, borrowed from that of the flagship of the house, the S-Class, while remaining away from the concept of autonomous driving, offers higher limits, as evidenced for example by the fact that the car is able to recognize the roundabouts and crossings , reducing autonomously the speed before the insertion and signaling it on the central screen. For sure it is a big step forward in terms of safety and to prevent possible collisions caused by the distraction of the driver.

2020 Mercedes A 180d Price

In closing prices, with the list of this 2020 Mercedes A 180d that starts from just under 30k euros in Executive version , which is flanked by the Business, Sport and Premium , with the latter moving the price up to the area of 35 thousand euros. A list then we find the A 160 with the 1,300 petrol (the only one with manual transmission along with the A 200), starting from about 26,700 euros , but also more powerful versions, up to the A 250 from 224 hp (from about 38,700 euros ), or the A 220 d from 190 (from 38,800), without forgetting the new A35 AMG with 306 horsepower and 47 thousand euros, equipped with 4 Matic traction , also available with other engines, from 220 to go up, but only for those with petrol.

The fourth generation of Mercedes Class A focuses entirely on technology , starting from the exterior, with partitions for the airflow towards radiators and aerodynamic solutions that are really well studied, but above all inside, with the MBUX that has already imposed on the competitors a change of pace to stay at his level.

In this motorization the A Class manages to be very parca and, with an attack price below 30 thousand euros, seems to be one of the most interesting C Premium on the market.

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