2020 Kia Sportage: One of The Besst Compact SUVs Yet

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018 - Kia
2020 Kia Sportage Interior Dimensions & Seat Capacity

2020 Kia Sportage now available with new Diesel and Mild-Hybrid engines. Price list Start from $28.000. Here is The Complete Informations.

The team that wins does not change, or rather, change the right to increase the advantage. The Korean SUV Kia Sportage has reached the restyling of mid-career and is slightly updated in aesthetics and much in mechanics, with the entry of new diesel 1.6 engines and a new system 2.0 Mild Hybrid 48-volt that improves consumption and emissions.

The simplification of the range also starts the price list from 28.000 USD, while the four-wheel drive also extends to the less powerful diesel engine, which will increase the number of fans blocked by the previous 2 liters only, while today you can opt for the new Kia Sportage 4WD both with 1600 and with 2000.

2020 Kia Sportage Redesign

Facile distinguishes the 2019 model year because designers have focused their attention on the elements that most characterize the model’s aesthetics: the front and the headlights. A bumper with a more sporty look, with chrome inserts, an off-road style bottom slide, and a revised headlight design, draws the eye to the 4 hexagonal LED lights.

So are also the direction indicators, clearly inspired by Stinger. At the rear, a new bumper with skid plate as standard features a pair of headlights that can now count on a distinctive elongated C-shape of the position lights. If we add new circles and colors to the package, it will not be too difficult to recognize it on the road. In short, few interventions but well centered.

2020 Kia Sportage Relaese Date and Price

2020 Kia Sportage SUV Powertrain

If the aesthetic follows the success of the highly appreciated fourth series, the engines give a turning point, with the retirement of the 1.7 Diesel CRDi in favor of a slightly smaller 1.6 with a power of 115 or 136 HP, wanted to improve polluting emissions (which now comply with the new WLTP protocol) and consumption, staying within the limits of 152 g / km for the less powerful and 157 g / km for the 136. The absolute novelty is the Diesel 2.0 all-wheel drive with a Mild Hybrid propulsion system protagonist of our proof.

In the range of electrification of the range is an important step forward, representing the first “medium-hybrid” system of the brand and going to complete an already complete offer of Full Hybrid , Plug-In and electrical that puts Kia at the top of the category, remembering soon the electric Niro and the new Soul will also arrive in the dealership, also fully electric and with declared autonomy close to 500 km.

With a 48-volt electric motor and a 0.44 kW / h lithium-ion battery located under the rear loading floor, the MHSG EcoDynamics + system (this is its full name) is combined with an automatic transmission to couple with 8 relationships. The power is 185 hp and the torque of 400 Nm, with a result on the emissions of -5% on the WLTP cycle and -7% compared to the now over WLTP cycle, up to a maximum of 185 g / km. Another feature of the hybrid system of the new Kia Sportage 2020 is the presence of a DC / DC converter that integrates the 48 Volt battery to the standard electrical system, allowing the use of a smaller 12 Volt traditional battery and leaving it only for the use of onboard services. Basically the start, in almost all conditions, is entrusted to a smaller motor connected directly to the 48 Volt.

Then there are the advanced electronics, which includes in the most complete package the braking assistance with pedestrian recognition, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, lane overflow warning device with trajectory correction if the direction indicators are not inserted, blind spot sensor, fatigue warning, and automatic high beam adjustment. Among the goodies we report that you go down below 30 km/h, the engine turns off recovering energy until the car stops, without the driver noticing!

On The Road

Climbed aboard the 2.0 EcoDynamics + GT Line version (top of the range) we immediately notice the new steering wheel, with buttons revised both in shape and tactile feeling, now more “premium”. They also change details such as frames of the nozzles and part of the glossy black plank, necessary to standardize the style with the new frameless infotainment screen, available in sizes of 7 “and 8” depending on the layout. The driving sensation is typical of the 2020 Kia Sportage, appreciated by the user for the feeling of strength and rigidity, with a neutral but consistent steering and uniform feedback in all driving conditions. The seats have been revised and in the GT Line they have a seat so rigid but that fits well to different body sizes.

For the first time on New Kia Sportage 2020, the seats are also heated and ventilated, with a heating system for the steering wheel rim as well. We liked very much the calibration of the suspensions, which takes faith in the GT Line nameplate with an attitude tending to the rigid, but that dampens well the roughness thanks to an excursion however wide and well braked. The flagship is definitely the 2.0 engine, which does not feel the presence of the electrical part and assists the delivery of torque when there is to push on the gas pedal. The almost uniquely urban route has not given us the chance to savor the rigidity of the chassis and trim among the curves, but from Kia, they promise that the behavior of the four-wheel drive is the same as the previous version.


The greatest advantage of this car is that, from 2020 Kia Sportage, it continues to emphasize its character, all muscles, and sportiness, but that turns into a car with great confidence even at the first contact thanks to a good balance of driving, safety and comfort on board. Kia is not a premium brand but aims at a driving experience that looks to that world, thanks to the experience of the European (German) department that developed this car.

In light of this, it is difficult to find defects that put it in real disadvantage compared to segment competitors, perhaps for the interiors, they could have marked the restyling a bit more because they are the element that most of all are feeling the passing weather. Nothing to say about plastics, assemblies, and ergonomics, really at the top among the generalist C-SUVs. Price starting from 250 euros with a really interesting private rental! The last surprise comes from the price with a really tempting launch offer: 250 euros per month all inclusive except fuel, washing and any parking with the rental formula for individuals.

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