2020 Ferrari Purosangue SUV: Best Rival for Urus

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 - Ferrari
2020 Ferrari Purosangue SUV New Pictures

The first Ferrari SUV is called Purosangue and comes out in 2020. The new CEO Louis Camilleri has confirmed it, Maranello will produce a Sport Utility.

Ferrari Purosangue is the first SUV of the Cavallino brand. The name is now official, the date of presentation (more unofficial) is 2020. Although purists can turn up their nose, adapt to market demands is the basis of any business strategy. Not to want the SUV of Maranello is especially those who can not afford them even considering the response of the elite audience to models such as Porsche Cayenne and Lamborghini Urus.

2020 Ferrari Purosangue Hybrid

It remains to understand how they will, in the marketing department, to reconcile the nomenclature of the model with the engine used: of hybridPurosangue so far have seen very few. Ferrari, no matter how exclusive, is no longer a tightly crafted brand, so much so that it soon plans to completely renew its line up with 15 new launches by 2022 with a strategy mainly focused on the hybrid. A necessary choice as Ferrari, exceeding 10,000 cars sold per year, will be forced to adjust the emission parameters of its engines to European standards.

The hybrid will then be adopted on all the cars produced, starting (plausibly) by Ferrari Purosangue. As already seen with Ferrari LaFerrari , the Red engineers will try to build hybrids focused on a performance improvement and not on consumption cuts at least out of place.

Sergio Marchionne, durig the spring 2018, had declared to be sorry to have to accumulate the project Purosangue Super SUVs presented by the competition as “Our will not be a sport utility, having nothing to do with the category of heavy vehicles with many horses “. Escaping the labels, however, will not be easy: even though designers may dare to come up with new solutions in step with the R&D department, market demands remain unchanged and must be fulfilled.

2020 Ferrari Purosangue SUV New Pictures

The automotive world awaits with bated breath and the designers begin to present their first renderings. Those that we propose are the ideas of Giorgi Tedoradze who imagined 2020 Ferrari Purosangue as a  raised driving coupe with aerodynamic and sharp lines even before that impressive as the segment requires.

Excluding particularly thin optical units, Ferrari Purosangue (or Ferrari F9 according to Tedoradze) has a particularly wide track and a rather low center of gravity. The three versions proposed are quite different from each other, but overall they give us a pretty clear idea of how the final product will be.

2020 Ferrari Purosangue SUV: Best Rival for Urus Pictures

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