2020 Audi Q2 1.6 TDi S-Tronic Sport Review: 5 Stars Compact Luxury SUV

Sunday, January 13th, 2019 - Audi
2020 Audi Q2 Sport Review - Diesel With S Tronic

The smallest crossover of Audi house. A little more than two years after its debut, Audi Q2 continues to collect a great success among the audience that is conquered by futuristic lines and level equipment. We tested it with the engine that is the basis of the turbodiesel range, the 116 Horsepower 1.6 TDI, coupled to the S Tronic gearbox.

2020 Audi Q2 refuses to be classified into a category, it wants to be defined neither for the intended use nor for the market segment to which it belongs. On the other hand, the dimensions (4.19 meters) place it above a compact car, although it is practical and manageable in city traffic, as well as habitability and fittings, which look more like those of a sedan level medium-high than those of a small crossover.

Untaggable in name and in fact since it lends itself well to use in every context in which we put it to the test in our video: from the city to the highway to end up in a stretch of mountain where bends and climbs have allowed us to test to the bottom the dynamic qualities of the car equipped with the smallest engine available but which proved to be lending and ready for any request.

2020 Audi Q2 Exterior

In aesthetic terms, Audi Q2 has distinguished itself from its first appearance thanks to the square shapes, which start from the single-frame grid with an octagonal design, and the sloping rear pillar that constitutes its trademark. With its sporty rims, it does not appear particularly high, also because it is not a car designed for a demanding off-road vehicle even if the height from the ground allows it to travel on dirt roads without problems. Inside you are comfortable both in front of the large sofa in the back.

2020 Audi Q2 Interior

At first, impact strikes the design of the steering wheel from the sporty cut, but to attract more attention is the wealth of the instrumentation, with digital dashboard and a 12.3-inch TFT screen that replaces the analog instrumentation, showing navigator, vehicle data as engine and speed rpm, radio station or media source. Audi calls it “Virtual Cockpit” and is the flagship of Audi technology.
With this precious tool, all essential information is at your fingertips and is even more immediate if you choose the head-up display, which displays all the data in front of the driver’s eyes.

2020 Audi Q2 Release Date & Price

2020 Audi Q2 makes connectivity another strong point: thanks to an integrated SIM is always connected to services such as Google Earth and Street View, as well as hosting a network to allow passengers to connect to the wifi. Just this connectivity allows the infotainment system to perform online searches to identify all those destinations you know for example the name but not the address. Imagine knowing the name of a hotel but not the address: here the online search allows you to reach your destination through an Internet search.

The same connectivity then intervenes in the context of navigation which calculates the best routes based on real-time traffic data.

The navigation system then uses Google Earth to project a view from the top of the road traveled, just as if we were using the computer.

2020 Audi Q2 Safety

From the point of view of safety nothing is missing and the 5 stars obtained in the Euro NCAP tests also prove it . The list of driver assistance systems is very long: from the Audi pre sense front, which uses radar to avoid the frontal collision, to the various sound and visual notices sent to the driver.

There is no lack of Adaptive Cruise Control that automatically keeps the distance from the vehicle in front, the Audi side assist, which warns via a LED light source on the outside rearview mirror of the arrival from behind other cars, the Audi active lane assist, which helps to keep the lane, while the recognition of road signs is via a camera. This camera decodes the signals that are then sent to the Audi Virtual cockpit system, always to get everything under control even when something might escape the driver.

The sporty set-up is particularly evident in the set-up we have tested: the Audi Q2 is not subject to rolling and pitching and fast in direction changes, thanks to precise steering . This steering is progressive or changes the steering ratio according to speed: in the city – as in parking lots – it is practical and maneuverable to facilitate the driver in the most demanding maneuvers. On the contrary, on the highway it reduces the ratio, avoiding that any sudden movements can modify the trajectory of the car too much.

The suspensions are rather rigid, considering the destination also urban of the car: this depends on the scheme adopted, which at the front is the traditional McPherson, while behind it is even simpler, with interconnected wheels.

2020 Audi Q2 Specs – Diesel Engine With S-Tronic Transmission

Do not get caught up in fashion! The 1.698-horsepower 1.6 TDI engine achieves maximum output of 116 Hp, with 250 Nm torque already available at low revs. It is progressive in its distribution and silent thanks to the attention given by the designers in reducing frictions.

It is perhaps the flagship of this “entry level” configuration because in the test drive we have kept consumption values clearly lower than those declared by the house, which is perhaps unusual because often the opposite is found. As you can see in our video we have traveled over 110 km of highway, at speed code remaining well below the 4 liters per 100 km declared by the house. Merit of a sweet foot but above all a thrifty engine in terms of consumption but generous in terms of performance, especially when operating on the Drive Select.

This tool acts on the electronics by modifying the parameters to make them more compatible with the different driving styles. Auto, Comfort, Individual or Dynamic. The latter is the most sporty of all and acts on steering, gearbox and throttle response.

The seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission, thanks to its speed and gentleness in gear changes, is becoming a must in the Audi house. If necessary, it can be managed manually using the steering wheel levers in both the most economical and the more sporty S modes. For the more traditionalists, the six-speed manual transmission is available.

The New Audi Q2 2019 starts from 25,900 euros but can be set up like a real flagship.



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