2019 Renault Master Z.E Electric Preview; Specs & Performance

Monday, April 15th, 2019 - Renault
2019 Renault Master Z.E Gas Mileage

2019 Renault Master Z.E benefits from the competence of the French group, European leader of the electric vehicle: New generation battery and high energy efficiency engine, for a real autonomy of 120 km and recharge time of approximately 6 hours (for a recharge to 100%).

Ladies and gentlemen here is the new 2019 Renault Master Z.E Large truck-size commercial vehicle that thanks to the zero-emission electric motor will always have free access even in the restricted traffic areas of any city. To power the engine, it thinks a battery of the last generation from 33 kWh to electronic management-able to give to the last van of the House “of the lozenge” an autonomy of about 120 Km. Between the strengths we also have the charging times – with 6 hours to Pdate to 100% autonomy.

2019 Renault Master Z.E Electric Specs & Range

Under the hood we find the same engine that already equips the Zoe and the Kangoo-which manages to release 76 HP of power allowing the Renault Master zero emissions to reach the maximum speed of 100 Km/h. If you want you can also set the ECO mode-with Which saves energy, but at a maximum of 80 km/h. As for the versions we will have to deal with 6 types of vehicles – so as to satisfy the majority of the palates of the clientele that caters to this type of means. You can count on three different lengths and two heights.

But considering that electric vehicle rhymes with the future could not miss solutions among the most modern to be flanked by the new Renault Master. The most interesting idea is called “Renault Easy Connect for Fleet” – dedicated to professional operators. Thanks to this system it will be possible to manage the Master fleet more easily, to remotely control the state of the vehicle or to manage in an optimized way the orders of entry and exit.

2019 Renault Master Z.E Electric Performance

2019 Renault Master Z.E Electric Preview; Specs & Performance Pictures

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