2019 Opel Grandland X Price, Features, Test Drive

Thursday, December 6th, 2018 - Opel
2018 Opel Grandland X Elite Turbo D VS SRI Trims

we tested 2019 Opel Grandland X, New crossover with some new features and good fuel efficiency. Here are the pros and cons of the New Opel SUV

Where it could be better presented the 2019 Opel Grandland X if not in Darmstadt, the first digital city of Germany, correctly defined the “European Houston”, also because it is right there that all the satellites that gravitate to our heads are controlled. Thus, a few kilometers from Frankfurt was the international launch of the Opel crossover – the brand recently associated with the PSA Group – the largest vehicle in the Opel X family, designed to expand the range of the C-segment.

It is equipped with modern and dynamic lines, has a certain offroad charm and of course the raised seat, typical of SUVs, for an excellent visibility, without neglecting the availability of much space and equally comfort. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art driving assistance systems, avant-garde innovations and the best digital connectivity, typical of Opel, thanks to Opel OnStar and IntelliLink systems, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The 2019 Opel Grandland X is almost 4 and a half meters long, 1.85 meters wide without mirrors and high 1.61, with a capacity of the boot from 514 to 1,652 liters, which can also contain a mountain bike or all the necessaire for a winter holiday. And, wanting, even a dog.

At the launch, there will be the Turbo petrol engine 1.2 direct injections and Start/Stop from 130 hp and the 1.6 Diesel from 120 hp, with transmissions with both manual gearbox and 6-speed automatic transmission. Towards the end of May, next year will come the Diesel from 180 hp, while for the hybrid version will have to wait a little longer. It will still be the first Opel plug-in hybrid.

As for the design, we enjoyed a lot, having found an intelligent combination of elegance and modernity, with a sporty appearance and great space for 5 people. So, after Mokka X and Crossland x now came to the 2019 Opel Grandland X to complete the range. A complete Suv at the top of the range with 20 cm. More than Mokka X, but always of the C segment, like Astra and Zafira. The other two are of segment B. Comfort and Safety (5 stars Euro Ncap) are part of the opening titles, with the tailgate that opens with the simple movement of the foot when you have hands full of parcels and closes with an electric button. The seats are certified AGR and keep your back well, helping you in the best posture. Comfort is also part of the heated seats of the second row, as well as the steering wheel and the windshield. Inside you can enjoy a wellness atmosphere, with light and panoramic roof. The guide seat, elegant and ergonomic, is structured with clarity, with a dashboard and central console aligned horizontally with respect to the driver, and characterized by surfaces with tactile characteristics of the upper class.

2018 Opel Grandland X Elite Turbo D Interior Features

Connectivity is really at the highest level, to the point that you can even listen to the emails when you drive. Also very interesting is the IntelliGrip, the system responsible for the electronic traction control. Available on request on 2019 Opel Grandland X front-wheel drive allows the car to maintain stability and always have a predictable behavior, regardless of the type of surface (in other words: the wheels always find optimum grip). The system is easy to use with the driver who can choose the preferred mode with the selector at hand in the center console.

The Grandland X Electronics immediately adapts engine and transmission control, torque distribution and ESP settings according to the selected mode, thus ensuring optimum contact with the road surface. 5 modes are available: Normal/On-Road, ideal for motorways, suburban and urban roads; Snow; MUDs (MUD); Sand (sand) and ESP off, which allows you to disable the Electronic Stability Control (ESP) and the various traction aids up to 50 km/h to make the driver fully autonomous. For security reasons, the IntelliGrip system automatically reactivates in ‘ normal ‘ mode when exceeding the speed of 50 km/h. We had the chance to try the 2019 Opel Grandland X in the two versions gasoline and diesel with manual transmission and we must say that with the diesel engine there is a slightly greater satisfaction in driving.

The two engines “pull” very well and we marveled at the trim, very responsive and satisfactory in the curves pulled in speed, without a little hint of a heel, despite the height from the ground and the confirmation from the crossover. Perfect habitability and considerable driving comfort on all types of roads, on a 162 km ring with departure and arrival from Frankfurt Airport. Too bad there wasn’t any piece of off-roader planned, for a more thorough test drive.

2019 Opel Grandland X Price

It is on sale from this month (doors open on 21-22 October) to 26000 euros, with launch price up to the end of the year of 21,900, plus the optional at half price. The diesel version will cost 23,900 and the bicolor (so fashionable in these periods) to 34,100. The engines are represented by modern 3-cylinder petrol and 4-cylinder diesel engines, with exceptional efficiency in fuel consumption.

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