2019 Nissan X-Trail SUV Review; Gas Mileage, Interior Space, Redesign

Monday, April 30th, 2018 - Nissan
2019 Nissan X-Trail Release Date and Prices

Here We Write About 2019 Nissan X-Trail SUV Specifications, Performance, Price, Gas Mileage, Interior, Redesign Exterior, Color Option, also Release Date.
A long history and a primacy to defend, the world’s best-selling Crossover. 776,000 specimens of Nissan X-Trail only in 2016, but with 2017 the Japanese brand presents the latest evolution of the gritty SUV with 5 or 7 seats. Here is the test of the new 2019 Nissan X-Trail in and around Vienna.

The Nissan X-Trail is seventeen years old, a real commitment for those who will have to congratulate the 776,000 specimens sold worldwide in 2016. Not to mention that by adding the United States-where the model is marketed under the name Rogue-the specimens sold during the history of the car amount to the figure of 3.7 million, of which 500,000 in Europe.

It is, from the release in 2000 of the first series, of the most requested crossover of the Earth. It is true, we must deal with the fact that the model has constantly evolved leaving room for the road and moving away from the dirt, but to this day this choice has already been made and paid.

These are anything but cold numbers that we just listed. Hearing them at the presentation put a certain curiosity on us. We know the outgoing model, which shines for practicality and comfort, but to carry on this relay in such a competitive landscape is not easy. We try to understand how, according to the Japanese brand, the future of the Crossover should be interpreted.

To date on the new Nissan X-Trail 2019 What counts is the style, the same as the new Nissan Qashqai. Without forgetting the possibility to configure the car with 7 seats and, consequently, have so much space to load.

2019 Nissan X-Trail Facelift Exterior and Headlamps

The new 2019 Nissan X-Trail has not been revolutionized, we talk about restyling. That is a search for details to improve, often (in the case of Nissan) with interviews with customers all over the world. As far as the front, we notice a new line of projectors and the calender, now more cured and if we want imposing. Beautiful direction indicators, which draw a sporty lightning on the rear-view shells. The chrome moldings help to add the right aggression to a car like Nissan X-Trail, thought yes on the road but also for excursions accompanied by full traction. The car gains 5 centimeters in length compared to the previous series, thus arriving at 4.69 meters, while the values of width and height (respectively 1.83 meters and 1.71 meters) remain unchanged.

This translates, in the practical act, in an increase of 15 litres for the trunk on 5 seats, trunk that can be operated by passing under a foot. For the 7 seats instead the space is the same, to be reported the 1996 litres of load available once lowered the rear sofa. The wheelbase of 2.7 meters was not retouched; A sharable solution if we think that even in the previous version was not difficult to stay comfortable in 5.

Moving to the interior we realize a consistent leap forward in terms of quality. As well as Qashqai, even Nissan X-Trail has been widely revised. The steering wheel is more sporty and of a considerably higher perceived quality, it has lost that bit of clumsiness that was from the previous model. The leather interiors are refined and appreciable, as well as the dashboard provided with an easy-to-use and fulfilling infotainment in functionality. For example, we think of the DAB Digital Radio (standard) and the NissanConnect Navigator (standard from the N-connecta and optional set-up on Acenta). Difficult then not to be fascinated by the Bose audio system with 8 channels included with the Tekna version, practically indispensable if you have-like us-of the audiofile tendencies.

The various commands to operate the help to the guide-Thing on which we will return-are in the lower left corner, comfortable only when memorized its positions. Sorry a bit for the electric parking brake, while the strategic crank to intervene on the traction, placed on the central tunnel as in the previous version, it is immediately friend.

Nissan X-Trail 2019 Test Drive

The dimensions not really contained do not make it a metropolitan medium, even if the steering and parking sensors can be providential in maneuvers. Moreover, the space is there and in the transfers it is very appreciated. As for the thrusters, the offer includes 6 variants for Diesel (three with 1.6 from 130CV and as many as 2.0 from 177HP) and only one for gasoline, characterized by 1.6 liters from 163CV.

For the test we concentrated on the four-line Diesel 2.0 liters and 177hp, with 380Nm of maximum torque already at 2,000 rpm. Not being the great estimators of the CVT continual change we had to quickly believe once this specific version has been tested: The car is driving well, it is quieter than we could remember and above all offers really the feeling of being able Go anywhere, without stopping in front of anything.

The engine therefore works well, but it is overall that the new X-Trail leaves smug. The driving position immediately offers a lot of confidence, the look on the road is nothing short of dominant; The set trajectory is never questioned, apart from a very light understeer in the most challenging curves faced at sustained speed.

Even the braking appears better than we could remember, while in the hairpin bends and curves with change of direction the roll does nothing to hide, according to the movements of the steering. It once arrived in an old sand yard that the 4x4i option becomes a real pleasure. The car runs accurately, the breakdown on the wheels is so fast as not to let us perceive real losses of adhesion. Once back on the road then, just use the aforementioned throttle to return the traction to the front wheels, thus saving on consumption. A few hours have not enough to give us a clear idea of consumption, but judging by the computer on board with a careful guide you can travel (on average) almost 15 km with a liter.

Nissan is, in a narrow sense, one of the brands that is giving greater importance to the mobility of the future. Leaf is among the most requested cars of its category, X-Trail has been transformed with special fittings such as 4Dogs and Xscope (One-Off in the first case and from 100 specimens in the second) and the beautiful Margot Robbie has tested the sport three-wheeled BladeGlider, view Then at the Goodwood Festival.

When we think about the future it is not possible (unfortunately) to forget the autonomous guide. Nissan X-Trail will be updated with the Pro Pilot system from the first months of 2019, which means that the car will take care of the steering, acceleration and braking on the highway, both at cruising speeds and in the typical (and very dangerous) moments of queues at times.

For the time being, Nissan X-Trail 2019 is equipped with a complete assistance systems, from the rear detection of obstacles moving to intelligent braking with pedestrian recognition, without counting the Stand Still Assist that works to offer the Maximum simplicity in the uphill departures together with the HSA. There is also the system of recognition of fatigue and the notice of involuntary exchange of the lane.

Prices, equipment, and information

The 2019 Nissan X-Trail will be available from autumn 2017 in different productions, from the most Spartan face to the complete Tekna, with Acenta, Business and the new N-connects in the middle. Prices are one of the factors that have always left a smile regarding this particular model. The scissors between a basic set-up and the most complete in the list, in fact, is very wide, and therefore allows everyone to choose the model best suited to their needs. Think in fact that Nissan X-Trail 2019 starts with a price of €25,650 for the face version with DIG-T engine from 163CV and two-wheel drive, to get to the top of the range with DCI by 177HP and traction integral in the staging Tekna by €39,440.

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