2019 Nissan Micra Review; Nice Interior, Great Fuel Consumption

Sunday, November 25th, 2018 - Nissan
2019 Nissan Micra Release date

From Japan comes a new variant of the utilitarian of the house, the 2019 Nissan Micra: This last generation is more spacious, mature and stylistically refined. In This article, you find everything you need to know about the new three-cylinder gasoline from 71 Hp and a liter of Cuban

The “little” is no longer, small. He actually thinks and acts great and becomes an important part of a strategic design for Nissan. Marks a breakthrough, launches a message in the B-segment: 2019 Nissan Micra goes beyond normal, it wants to be unique for those who buy it through the possibility to transform into more than 100 customizations. Not only that, but wanting to satisfy different needs, it presents itself with more souls to please more: precisely the normality (saving without losing performance in various steps of propulsion and with the new propeller of 1 litre and 71 hp), the pleasure (like the sound system Personal Bose That surrounds those who drive with speakers in the seat), security (the Nissan packages are at the forefront of technology) but also beyond normality through customizations (with an average expense of 400 euros) and the sportier version, the intriguing sporty With gasoline engine from 120 HP, announced in europe as “gift” Christmas and coming up for the 2018 (in addition to the debut of the automatic transmission Xtronic 6-speed with gasoline engine 100 hp).

The 2019 Nissan Micra has already had a way of convincing Europe. On Revoo, independent site of reviews, obtained an average score of European approval equal to 8.8 out of 10 with one-third of users ready to allocate the highest vote, while in Italy the level of customer satisfaction goes beyond the European average, with 8.9 out of 10. A result, because in Nissan they wanted to realize the new MICRA after having studied it and designed it in Europe and to satisfy our markets: “Conceived in Europe, designed and built to meet the needs of European customers of compact hatchbacks”. On the other hand, the Japanese brand with the operation “small-no smaller” wants to find a stable place among the top of the B segment. That’s why old Micra only has… the name. In short, a revolution that apparently hit the mark. Everything has changed, starting from a more appealing design, modern and daring lines, able to confer character and sense of dynamism, while inside the level of quality is very high and is combined with technological equipment of the vanguard, both safety, and assistance, to drive in complete tranquillity.

2019 Nissan Micra Engine Specs

MICRA’s renovation is a recent work, with already obvious market consensus, but stopping it would be a mistake, the world of cars is in full evolution. And Nissan rides the important messages, especially those of the people and not only of the fans: so has made an even more efficient Micra, to embrace the needs of those who do not want to give up urban performance and at the same time calls for low costs of operation. Thus comes the Micra 1.0 from 71 HP, with a three-cylinder gasoline engine of 1 liter and a power that winks also to drivers, a step towards the possible purchase of a more substantial model in power. A thrifty and cleaner engine, beyond the dynamic skills and responsiveness to extricate itself in the urban circuit.

A data point out the scope of Operation MICRA 1.0 71 horses: This engine “represents 20% of the orders registered all over Europe from the beginning of the year, quota destined to reach the value of 23% by March 2018, month marking the closing of the year 2017 for the Japanese. Compared to approximately 46,000 units sold, there are therefore almost 10,000 customers who are already experiencing the performance and consumption content offered by this engine “explain in Nissan.

2019 Nissan Micra USA Release Date

2019 Nissan Micra Gas Mileage

The 2019 Nissan Micra is pushed by the 3 cylinders aspirated from 1 liter and 71 HP, combined with a manual transmission with 5 gears. Efficiency is demonstrated by the official consumption data in the combined cycle, 4.6 liters to cover 100 km, with a level of 103 grams/km of CO2 emissions, referring to the use of 15 or 16-inch rims. It should also be noted that in addition to the 71 HP, the 1.0 engine is flanked by other solutions: a turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline of 0.9 liters and 90 hp and a four-cylinder turbo-diesel with 1.5 liters and 90 hp.

The test on the crowded streets around Canada, passing through towns and villages before plunging into full traffic from peak hours, demonstrates the reactive capabilities of the 2019 Nissan Micra. Moreover, that steering diameter of 10 meters is among the best in the category and represents a great and precise comfort. The consumptions are in line with the indications, then this data always depends on the weight of the rider’s foot and the needs. What is surprising, beyond the comforts and packages of assistance to driving and safety, is the breadth of the interior spaces thanks to a step grown by 75 mm compared to the previous model, the habitability that you do not expect in short.

An added value to deal with even longer mileage. The boot houses from 300 liters up and up to 1004, it can scientifically fill well with an accurate use of space. The guide seat is comfortable, everything at your fingertips, clear and simple, the seat low, but enveloping and a bit ‘ sporty, the ergonomic seats and anti-fatigue and the steering wheel adjust easily by finding the optimum solution immediately.

High quality two-tone soft-touch materials are standard on the whole range. The spaces are designed to accommodate a 2-liter bottle in the 10-liter bridge drawer or from 1.5 liters even in the front door pockets. Also, two glasses holder between the front seats and another one on the back. Without forgetting that the interior has been designed to facilitate guests of all sizes and riders even two meters high. Remember that the choice, not only stylistic, it also brought new sizes, 3999 mm long (+ 174 mm), 1743 mm wide (+ 78) and 1455 mm high (-55 mm for a more dynamic profile and without damaging the space…).

2019 Nissan Micra Price and Trims

The 71 HP 1.0 engine is available in three productions: Visi, Visi + and Acenta. Elegance and contrasts inside, the most sought-after color for the external customizations is the Enigma Black, for the interior dominates the Energy Orange. Instead, the color of the body preferred by the customers is the Gunmetal Grey, elegant call to the classic. The price starts at 12,600 euros.

2019 Nissan Micra Sound System; get BOSE Tech

Micra baptizes the Bose Personal sound system with excellent and amazing sound effects, with a truly engaging quality of sounds. The Bose project has been developed on the characteristics of the 2019 Nissan Micra and therefore is dedicated to this model, a development that gives origin to the range, the first in the world, dedicated by Bose to small cars.

The system is optimized for those who drive with speakers in the seat (two lightweight Bose UltraNearfield 6 cm loudspeakers and Bose PersonalSpace virtual audio. The flow doesn’t seem to come from the seat, though. As well as many sounds seem to come out of the 2019 Nissan Micra points where there are no speakers located. In addition, who is at the wheel can adjust the livers through the function Bose PersonalSpace Control directly from the settings of the infotainment system.

The Bose Personal system does not overlook passengers: It also includes the Bose Super65 ™, a new broadband speaker capable of restoring large and high-impact sounds. They are mounted on the two doors and do not require housings or heavy woofers. The high notes, on the other hand, think of the two 2.5 cm tweeters converging in the center – one for each riser a – from clear and incisive sounds anywhere in the cockpit. A unique plant of its kind.

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