2019 Mercedes Benz Class X Review; Premium Pick-up Truck

Saturday, October 27th, 2018 - Mercedes
2019 Mercedes X Class Interior Features

Here it is finally, the 2019 Mercedes Benz Class X pickup truck, born as a concept in 2015 to arrive then this year to the model on the market. For those who do not remember, in addition to the model G, the history of the pickup Mercedes Benz begins in the far 1936 with the 170V passing than for the Pickup of 1968, arriving at the iconic class G even 6×6. To date, with Mercedes presenting the new 2019 Mercedes Benz Class X. We went to Rome to test it, on a route that foresaw the arrival to Amatrice and returns to the capital. Along the way, there were also suggestive stretches in off-road where the X Class was the real protagonist.

But let’s focus on the numbers of this new pickup, other than all the others: the X Class is driving like an SUV, thanks to the rear suspension multilink, 4 ventilated disc brakes, a frame with detached longitudinal-like on class G-a width of roadway More than any other pick-up and a truly prestigious range of equipment as per the tradition of the Stuttgart House. The Mercedes Benz x class interior cockpit does not seem to be the same as a pickup and, honor to merit, there is a note of pride: The interior was designed by the style center of Como that has won on the other competitors called by Mercedes-Benz. We are then in front of an SUV of all respect (seems to drive a GLC!) the quality of the coating materials are of high range with visible stitching,

The plank stands out for the clean lines with the classic combination of the analog/digital instrumentation, respectively consisting of tachometer and tachometer and a multimedia display from 5.4 “inserted in the center. The latter, of clear Bill Daimler – we find it also on the SUV GLC-integrates all the functions of the navigator and those of the system Mercedes Me (Commando Online, Linguatronic, Live Traffic Info, App Send To Car and telematic NTG 5.0) In addition to the camera 360 °. The compass is then inserted into the corner of the rear-view mirror.

The X-class is also equipped with NoiseProof soundproofing, which guarantees a unique ride comfort thanks to the excellent Bizone automatic air conditioning: Although we were 4 passengers and with a day, to say the least, gloomy the glasses were never tarnished. Mechanically, the X Class reflects all the Mercedes-Benz tradition: integral traction with reduced series gears and rear differential lock, to which the guide is added with a lateral inclination up to 49.8 ° and a Slope of 100% (45 °), a ground clearance of 202mm (with the possibility of having a higher trim of 20mm), and a height of Ford of well 600mm. The double underbody protection and underrun make this new X Class a pickup with all the offroad skills.

2019 Mercedes Benz Class X Dimensions

But let’s not forget the load capacity. In the body, long 1.587 mm, wide 1,560 mm and high 474mm, it is possible to load up to 1.1 ton to which is added the towing capacity with braking trailer up to 3.5 ton. The external dimensions are really imposing: 5,340 mm length, 1,920 mm wide (exterior mirrors excluded) and 1,819 mm height, but all this results in a guide that does not seem at all from pick-up, also accomplice an excellent calibration of Suspension, the speed that can be maintained in the corner is truly stunning, clearly speaking of a vehicle of this type.

2019 Mercedes X Class FWD Engine Performance

The comfort on the rear seats is limited by the type of bodywork, but however, they are very well finished and equipped with an Isofix system. On the rear window, there is an electrically open glass that can be commanded from the driving position and above it, there is the LED lighting of the body. The standard gearbox is a 6-speed manual but you can also opt for the 7-gear automatic with an overprice of about €2,000.

During the day of the 2019 Mercedes Benz Class X Truck test drive we found a time from wolves: incessant rain throughout the day and the off-road stretches were abundantly muddy with big puddles like ponds, despite the misfortune of not being able to descend to admire the Landscapes and take some photos beyond those of rite, but on the other hand this has allowed us to fully test the skills of the medium.

The wet road seal is really amazing even considering we are driving a pickup (impressive even in off-road). We drove on a very steep climb and bumpy with water Rivoli where it was easy to dig furrows of 10cm but the 2019 Mercedes Benz Class X faced it safely even without using the reduced. The steering is a bit stingy, but you always have to take into account the size, so before facing an off-road pass it is good to take the measures otherwise you stumble easily in one or two maneuvers. Maneuvering off-road with mud and the poor grip is never sympathetic.

He likes the complete control of the car with a few simple gestures, from the traction control to the suspension and to the activation/deactivation of the assistance devices to the driving that in off-road can annoy the driver. Another thing that will certainly not be escaped to an expert eye is that this X Class is an engine cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and Nissan, in fact, the chassis and panels of the bodywork, part of the traction mechanics (with the due modifications of Mercedes-Benz) result Be that of Navara. We can still say that at the moment the 2019 Mercedes Benz Class X is a chapter an SE in the world of pickups, both for the equipment never seen before on this type of vehicles, both for the high quality that Mercedes-Benz has also put in this X Class, making it unique.

the pickups, all, in case of commercial registration are Limited then during use. Now we come to the models currently available, Mercedes-Benz has preconfigured 3 fittings, the PURE, the PROGRESSIVE and the POWER, respectively with the possibility of choice between two engines, the X220d 4Matic (120kW/163Hp) and the X250d 4Matic (140kW/190hp) to Mid 2018 will be available the X350d 4Matic 3.0 V6 engine (193kW/258Hp).

Mercedes x Class Truck Price

The most powerful engine in the pickup market, with a 7d TRONIC PLUS gearbox with steering wheel paddle and a rare Dynamic Select system in the pickup segment and equipped with permanent integral traction. The list prices start with the pure X220d 4Matic €30,310.00 + IVA, the pure X250d 4Matic €32,485.00 + IVA to which you have to add to the respective versions €2,200.00 for the PROGRESSIVE and €7,600.00 for the POWER.

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