2019 DS7 Crossback Review; Premium Hybrid SUV!

Thursday, March 15th, 2018 - Citroen
2019 DS7 Crossback Interior Leather Color

We drove the 2019 DS7 Crossback, flagship of the luxury French brand. The exterior style makes the pair with high-level interiors, uncompromising. Here are our impressions of the car

Refinement, technology, and proportions: the three main expressions of DS7 Crossback, the elegant Suv of the new French brand of luxury, launched on the international market three years after independence from Citroen, with the group Psa therefore always growing Especially in the Italian market where it registers sales numbers above each forecast.

DS automobiles, the brand created on June 1, 2014, now lives an exhilarating moment, determined to give back to the French car industry the rank it deserves for audacity, technology and experience. For three years, in fact, he puts all his passion in realizing this vision, creating exceptional cars.

and the 2019 DS7 Crossback, the first DS model of the new generation, is the vehicle born together with the brand. The new entry Transalpina is marketed by an innovative and dedicated multichannel network. The intent is to offer drivers a unique experience and in the Digital World in the DS stores and DS Salon, the stores (over 400) set up as luxury boutiques, where you can prolong the experience started on the Internet, configuring the models with reality Virtual Vision.

2019 DS7 Crossback offers its fans a new dynamic, it definitely raises the standards of comfort and technology and represents the best of French luxury, founded on two main axes: refinement, amplified by the creativity and preciousness of the MA And the super-technological character. The Citroen management has also announced that the new launch plan will be implemented by 6 new models, which will be marketed in the next 6 years. Now, taking into account the current characteristics of the international market, the first DS of the new generation could only be an SUV, a premium car of segment C, which has the greatest potential of volumes and profitability.

2019 DS7 Crossback Interior Features

So DS 7 Crossback (manufactured in Europe and China) is the new flagship of DS automobiles, foreshadowing the fundamental stylistic elements of future DS models, namely generous proportions and essential and spectacular design, with characteristic features marked and a wide range of customizations to stand out and enhance your status and success in an original way, looking to the future.

With the hybrid rechargeable e-tense, 4×4 (from 2019, 300 Horsepower to Petrol) will also be exclusivity and avant-garde technology, with the electrification at the center of the brand strategy. From now on all the new DS models will offer 100% electric or hybrid rechargeable versions, with the Crossback that becomes the first application of this product plan with a strong added value.

DS 7 Crossback, presented in world premiere at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, contains all the style features and hallmarks on which the DS designers have been working since 2014. The front side inspired directly by the concept-car DS Divine, fully affirms the identity of the brand with the DS Active LED Vision projectors from the swivel modules (rotate 180 ° with colored lights) that embody the spirit of the avant-garde brand. A unique technological performance in the world of cars, which immediately distinguishes it from competitors. The two single-block 3d rear lights are also very distinctive, with the luminous flakes that offer a beautiful, truly unique depth effect.

With the silhouette, the large wheels, the wide roadways and the long bonnet equipped with ribs, it offers the characteristics of an SUV, and transmits power and great charisma. The simple, sculptural and sensual forms strengthen the personality and inimitable character of the bodywork, together with the machining of all the details of style combined with essential lines.

Inside precious materials (leather, Alcantara) and handcrafts distinct in 4 inspirations, called as the iconic neighborhoods of Paris plus the Performance Line with sports fabrics, with the transposition of the high fashion and an extraordinary habitability; Great attention to detail and the vintage touch of the concealed rectangular clock that opens to the upper center of the dashboard.

The technology is realized with the Connected pilot, all the latest advanced systems for safer and more relaxed driving, the active suspension with new generation piloted shock absorbers, with sensors that monitor the ground at 25 meters distance and act As a result; An alert that controls and detects the behavior of eyes and eyelids to detect fatigue; Infrared Camera (Night Vision) for the detection of pedestrians or animals. To conclude with high-end technology seats and a 515 W Super Hi-fi system with 14 loudspeakers.

2019 DS7 Crossback Engine Specs

The DS7 Crossback features BlueHDi 1.5 and 2.0 diesel engines with 130 and 180 Horsepower with a torque of 300 and 400Nm, manual gearboxes with 6 gears and automatics at 8; Gasoline from July the Pure Tech 1.6 Turbo Twinscroll from 225 Hp, Euro 6.2 with automatic gearbox 8.

Driving pleasure and road precision have increased due to the increased stiffness of the body and the torsional resistance increased by 30%. This “monolithic” characteristic, i.e. the impression of driving a truly solid vehicle, is perceived at the wheel and in all other places of the car, with reduced vibrations and improved soundproofing. Thanks to a carefully designed steering wheel, the steering has two modes of operation: Normal, for daily use and optimum softness, and Sport for a more dynamic experience, with greater “resistance”. In Both cases the perception of the road and the accuracy are optimal.

The comfort, the comfort, the driving dynamics and the technology have made it from the Masters, and the pleasantness also, especially when it was grafted the Sport mode: An engaging sound surprised us, also because the Crossback is certainly not a sports car. It is all to try, to fully appreciate the many peculiarities. The purchase prices start from 31,100 euros for the 130 diesel manual and arrive at 47,450 of 225 Grand Chic. The open launch doors will be this weekend (10/11 March), while the fully electric DS Virgin will be seen in the Formula World Championship and, in the first Italian stage on live TV from the urban circuit of Rome, Saturday, April 14.

In conclusion, a great machine, which is absolutely worth the money it costs. Finally, do not forget that the 2019 DS7 Crossback enjoys 8 years of free assistance.

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