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Saturday, July 14th, 2018 - Renault
2018 Renault Koleos SUV Performance and Gas Mileage

2018 Renault Koleos is completely different from how we used to see it. Massive, mature and seductive lines blend into the flagship SUV of the Lozenge range. We tested 2019 Renault Koleos with the dCi from 175hp with integral drive and X-Tronic gearbox with six reports in Initiale Paris Setup, the richest and most complete.

Remember Renault Koleos, that sort of minivan produced starting from 2008? Functional and spacious, but far from having the aesthetics between its motives of purchase. A bit like a kind, nice and well laid out girl who does not leave you with her heart in her throat. Behold, spend the years and lose sight of it and then ritrovarve the grown, refined and incredibly fit. And the beauty is that she’s still her. Renault Koleos. If it were not for the name in fact, it would be almost impossible to recognize it.

The new Renault Koleos looks like a sphinx, imposing in the front and elegant with its Full Led Pure Vision to form the C-Shape, trademark of the chief designer Laurens Van Den Acker. The grid is imposing and emphasizes the lozenge that shines in the foreground. Just below, the top of the range we have in test, the Initial badge that comes back on the sides, even in this case we find to tell us how powerful the car is. This is because the high area, windowed, is unequivocally lower than the rest of the flank. A game of lines that screams premium in short, also thanks to the gaps studied to give more impetus to the new Koleos.

2018 Renault Koleos Dimensions

The 19 “alloy wheels, on which mount the imposing tires 225/55/R19, are perfectly matched (look at the gallery to make an idea) with the rest of the car. At the rear back instead the much-appreciated game of horizontally developed lines that debuted on Talisman a couple of years ago, with integrated spoiler and two (fake) exhausts with chrome frame. The latter, it is to be remembered, is now a habit more than consolidated among the manufacturers especially as regards SUVs of medium and large size.

However. We are in the company of one of the three Renault brand crossovers, more precisely the parent of the family. In alphabetical order-but indeed also of magnitude-we find Captur, Kadjar and, precisely, Koleos.

2018 Renault Koleos Diesel Engine Specs

And, more specifically, a Renault Koleos with 2.0-liter dCi engine (i.e. Diesel) and 175hp, 4x4i integral traction and seven-speed CVT X-Tronic automatic gearbox. All gloriously packed in this Initiale Paris setting. The car, so equipped-so with a long list of accessories designed to improve safety in addition to comfort and style-costs €44,900, even if just over €30,000 to take home a less rich version, even in the classic installment plan that in this Case starts from €249 per month.

Under five feet. Renault Koleos measures 467 cm long, 184 wide and 168 in height. The trunk is well exploitable and starts from a load volume of 498 liters which, with the removal of the seats, of litres can arrive to accommodate up to 1706. The wheelbase of 271 cm is sufficiently generous to make comfortable 4 adults and a child. The angles of attack, to be considered if you are looking for the off road, are 19 and 26 degrees. Enough for the obstacles of the daily, as well as the height from the ground of 21 centimeters that avoids worries about the disjointed.

Three proposed productions: the Zen (from €31,100), the Intens (from €33,200) and the top of the range Initiale Paris (from €40,900). Two instead the proposed engines, both Diesel. You can equip the well-known four cylinders in-line dCi Renault in the 1.6-liter version with 130CV and 320Nm of torque or, alternatively, the 2.0 liters from 175HP and 380Nm, available with X-Tronic gearbox attachable to the front wheel drive or integral traction just As on the car we have in test.

2018 Renault Koleos Cabin

The 2018 Renault Koleos interiors of the new Renault Koleos are glorious as a room of the Four Season in new York, the light enters from the large panoramic roof and the spaces are really generous. No claustrophobic nor that sense of excessive filling in which it is easy to stumble with some competitors. The imposing lines and the hover of the features from SUV Premiun do not put awe, because everything is in its place. Beautiful the large central display from 8.7 “developed vertically, which with the R-LINK2 system of Renault also allows you to use Android car and Apple car Play.

It also does not lack the 3d navigation system, as well as the connection with 2 USB sockets and an AUX. The display is fluid though, personally, we would have preferred physical buttons to switch between menus, while those on the sides of the screen are backlit touchscreens, a finesse to which you have to make a habit.

As with every Renault the steering wheel-adjustable in height and depth-is well studied and the right size, the controls appear solid and the quality finishes. Perhaps by watch connoisseurs, we would have preferred an analog instrumentation, but it is also true that the information is extremely clear and the design really clean and the hand of the tachometer, while being virtual, could not be more precise. Storage spaces of all sizes are hidden in the car, from the central tunnel to the passenger drawer to finish with the food armrests taken from the central seat of the rear sofa.

For the rest are the leather trims placed on most of the car to remind us that we are on a car that puts comfort and style in the front row, feeling confirmed by the double headrests enveloping-frighteningly comfortable!-with Initiale Paris mark on Brushed aluminum.

The electronic controls from the driving aid to the integral drive are set from a panel to the left of the driver, while the Bizone climate is operated by the central tunnel as an electronic parking brake and cruise Control.

2018 Renault Koleos Driving Test

This is an SUV of the real, imposing and extremely safe ones. Wide tires, look from top to bottom, structural solidity: Understanding the reason for the huge success of these cars is not so difficult. We system the seat-extremely comfortable-through the electric controls. Renault Koleos, however, puts you at ease rather quickly, even if you don’t have a luxury subscription. It is not in fact a lavish or somewhat exaggerated car.

We put in motion the 2.0 liter diesel fuel that in terms of performance (but not noise!) would be easily comparable to the 2.8 liters of a dozen years ago. Instead the answer is immediate and we rarely found a CVT so fit. It responds quickly and also thanks to the 380Nm of torque you never wait in the reboots, even considering that the system of start & stop could take a little bit of readiness to the engine. Once brought into the fast mixed Renault Kadjar compresses like a turtle that falls into the shell: frame, suspension and tires offer the right sportsmanship that is inevitable to look for when we have in the hands a segment D machine. The car resumes very quickly without sitting excessively on the rear and the roll is quite contained even in the narrower turns. The trim then convinces, well in balance between the comfort for the family and some card to play if we are late for an appointment.

The braking is good and, despite the ventilated front discs, it focuses on the modulation more than on the attack power. We have not tested the car at sidereal speeds-but according to Renault can reach and exceed the 200Km/h-however at speed code the cockpit has proved really quiet. The engine is heard only by pushing it to the bottom of the gas but more than a noise it is a sound, while particular hisses do not feel it. Also because the 8-speaker stereo system does its job well.

During a trip to the lake we tried to put the wheels in the slush, not without any fear of staying until evening to wait for the Carrattrezzi. A front wheel drive sedan would not have given us any other possibilities. Fortunately, without many ceremonies, just press the command on the left of the steering wheel. The positions are three, the 2WD-to be used under normal conditions to save fuel-the 4WD car, which moves the driving torque towards the rear up to a maximum of 50/50 and the 4WD Lock that shares the pair on the two axes in an equal and continuous. To get out of the mud it was enough to rely on the first of the two options leaving the work to the ECU, which figured out how to handle the emergency even in a slippery reverse uphill. In terms of gas Consumption, we recorded an average of 15km per liter of fuel. A satisfactory result, even considering that doing better than we would not be impossible.

Renault Koleos looks better live than in photos, it amazes for its value for money-you have to see the price lists to understand how well worked Renault – and leaves the cars of upper segment with the breath suspended. If you are looking for a medium size SUV, let us think about it: it is agile, but it is not lacking in terms of solidity. The consumption is not those of a superminis, but the Renault DCi is a guarantee in terms of reliability and performance. The version to be chosen in our opinion is the 175hp with automatic gearbox, which as said works well and does not weigh the guide.

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