2018 Renault Kadjar Review

Monday, July 30th, 2018 - Renault
2018 Renault Kadjar Review and Rating

Read our comprehensive review of the 2018 Renault Kadjar standard features, Redesign and Changes Interior Exterior, Price and Release Date.
Two weeks with the new crossover of the lozenge are enough to know its strong points and criticality: Renault Kadjar disentangles well in traffic and in the weekend makes the exits Fuoriporta, even on the dirt. We have tested Kadjar in its version Hypnotic ², equipped by the 1.5 dCi by 110CV with automatic gearbox. Coast, as we had it in test, €30,000.

2018 Renault Kadjar is a flag that the logo of the lozenge can bring up. The houses work incessantly to offer a complete range of Crossover, which Renault interpreted-in alphabetical order-with Captur, Kadjar and Koleos. There are those who say that virtue is in the middle, now we see to find out why. Speaking of the most desired segment in Europe the answer is rather spontaneous. A functional vehicle both for life in the city and for the outings on the weekend (without mentioning some deviation out of the distance) puts us in peace with ourselves.

Renault Kadjar aims to be all this. Spaces on board and cargo compartment are not afraid to travel, the option 4 × 4, not associated with the automatic transmission, opens to the dirt and above all the design is the result of the right choices, which have already gained great success with models like Clio and Talisman. The Cure Laurens Van Den Acker (Renault Project Designer) has also given this time its positive feedback. The technology that is a bit like all then completes a picture that, in all honesty, is wanting to hang in the garage. We refer, in particular, to the well-congenial infotainment and contextualized in the car like the rest of the plank, which aims to refer to the category.

New Renault Kadjar was born on the CMF-shared platform with Nissan Qashqai-but bears a rather singular name. Renault’s marketing people told us that the word was born by merging quads to emerge in French, Jaillir, even if we remember a bit the Kajal, the black pencil from a thousand and one night that gives the car an oriental touch.

Motors and Styles

2018 Renault Kadjar Review and Rating

In our case we put ourselves behind the wheel of a Renault Kadjar in version Hypnotic ², with 110CV developed by 1.5 litres DC Diesel and automatic gearbox with double clutch EDC. Staying on the diesel we also find the 130CV available with manual or X-Tronic gearbox, in addition to the versatile 4 × 4 always fueled by diesel. Moving on gasoline the choice falls on the TCe available in two power bands, 130CV or 165CV, both available with 6-speed manual gearbox, the first also with automatic transmission with double clutch EDC.

Returning to the set-up instead, the Hypnotic ² adds class enough to give an immediately premium tone to the car: tinted glass, load bars on the canopy, 19 ″ alloy wheels and full LED Vision lights complete the exterior kit that, inside , it is enriched with NAPPA leather steering wheel, which also returns to fabric seats and interior finishes. It is not difficult (for us!) to imagine how all these details will join in offering style and details cured wherever you look.

2018 Renault Kadjar 4X4 Mode, 2WD

Among the most interesting equipment on the car is all Mode 4 × 4-I, the intelligent integral drive that brings the 2018 Renault Kadjar to a higher level. An integral electronic type, not pure we say, but that in Conti facts is the best solution for those who also this year the Dakar watch it from television. The 4x4i is operated by means of a wheel on the central tunnel that allows three different settings, from the 2WD front drive to the automatic-in which the control unit registers the wheel slip and redistributes the torque up to a 50/50 between the axes-finishing with the 4WD Lock that instead divides the traction equally between front and rear. It all translates into a big help when we go to face slimy, snowy or muddy funds.

Test Drive

The New 2018 Renault Kadjar, so well defined outdoors, offers the best of itself once you are on board. The Hypnotic ² version is a rich and well-cared for details, with leather upholstery-very beautiful door handles, like the one placed on the central tunnel and the right combinations of materials, never cheap or hairpieces. To put us at ease, however, is the organization of the bridge. Everything is in its place, a factor not to be underestimated now that the functions of a car travel in tandem with those of smartphones.

The driver is located in front of the beautiful Renault wheel, finished and with the classic commands of sorts by phone, cruise Control and instrumentation. Yes, because the latter-placed under a leather-finished sun visor-is completely digital. A solution that prefers cleanliness in design and clarity in information. The tachometer-with red zone at 5,000 rpm-is the central crown, in which we find the speed and the consumption data. The central area is made up of infotainment-software as always impeccable, although some extra physical key would not have failed-to which you go to add air conditioning unit and storage compartment. On the display R-LINK2 7 “is not missing the navigator with cartography Europe included.

Opening and closing the car automatically happens once the key is detected, it is not necessary to remove it. So we enter and push on the starter-which Renault has adopted among the first in this segment-and the 1.5-liter DCI comes on almost impatient. Even the headlights (FULL LEDs for those who love Nomenclatures) have automatic ignition, one of those little that is difficult to give up.

The automatic transmission X-Tronic 6-speed CVT, continuous variation system developed for several years, has reached the right maturity: it must be known and “understood” as all the automatic, but once aware of its operation helps not little in the long Days behind the wheel. Let’s start by saying that the seat is really comfortable, besides the fact that the visibility from the wide windshield is able to put at ease anyone.

The car is allowed to lead with simplicity, the commitment required is really minimal: the steering is well calibrated, not too soft but not for this heavy, besides the fact that the suspensions do an excellent job both on the bumps and the angles of attack and exit are 18 ° and 25 ° -That on the unplugged, where the 200mm of ground space helps not little. Fortunately, as far as parking spaces are concerned, Renault Kadjar is quite counter-current compared to its main alternatives: the rear visibility is good and the car does not protrude, besides the fact that there is no lack of rear camera and parking sensors.

The dimensions in this give a hand. As well as being a spacious car to the interior with a long enough step to accommodate even those behind, the length of 445cm makes the car easy to maneuver, as well as the width of 184cm not so penalizing in the city. The height from the ground is finally 161cm. Of practicality, so we have enough, even considering the 472 liters of the boot in a standard configuration that can become 1478 with the killing of the seats.

Kadjar, despite a really sharp braking and an impeccable road seal, does not love the abrupt and syncopated driving. Its ideal terrain is the city, the exit on the weekend or the trip with the family, among the mountain hairpins does not find obstacles-in winter with the 4 × 4 you are safer-if we do not claim to run a rally. Already, because the excellent consumptions detected about 18 kilometers for a liter of diesel in the mix require a gentle guide, which marries well with the CVT and the overall philosophy of the car. The soft and cured lines are therefore found in the practical act of driving, in an environment that does not tire even after several hours.


If we were to explain in a short time the new trends of the automotive world, probably the most eloquent subject would be 2018 Renault Kadjar: a crossover with the lines cured and decided, contrasting colors and the integral option for a car capable of doing a bit of everything. It is not a lightning of war even because of the change-with the manual you have a greater responsiveness to the detriment however of the comfort-but not tired and also likes because of the base, in common with Nissan Qashqai, is more than tested. In this case, Renault has delivered us a design object that does not give up for this to a great practicality in everyday life. and the public thanks.

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