2018 Peugeot 308 SW GT Line Review; Features, Price, Driving

Thursday, April 19th, 2018 - Peugeot
2018 Peugeot 308 SW GT Line Gas Mileage Test

Here is our comprehensive review of 2018 Peugeot 308 SW GT Line features, redesign, horsepower, engine specs, fuel economy, interior, price and release date
The test of the 2018 Peugeot 308 SW GT Line surprised us in different viewpoints. We were expecting a comfortable car but heavy in maneuvering and fast, we instead found a trim from best in class and premium interiors. Here are our sensations on the BlueHDI by 120CV with the automatic transmission EAT6, waiting to try the brand new BlueHDI engines from 130 hp that will be available in Italy towards the end of the year.

The Peugeot Series 3 has a story that begins in 1932, it makes some sense to think that today we are, a life further in front of the Peugeot 308 2017. Specifically, the car is in the Station Wagon version and GT Line, second only to the real GT on the six fittings available to list for the SW (the sedan also has the GTi By Peugeot Sport). The engine is a BlueHDI (Diesel for the profane) from 1.6 liters four cylinders in line, with a maximum power of 120CV and 300Nm of torque already at 1,750. The latter is harnessed surprisingly by the automatic EAT6 which in this case offers the sequential via paddle on request in the Driver Sport Pack: Failing, it is acting through the lever of the gear. We start from the beginning, though.

The restyling 2018 has only led to a slight retouching of what, as a whole, is a pleasant and refined line, much appreciated by the large audience that has so far chosen. At the front it changes the grille, really cured and now with the lion’s logo inside it, as well as the headlamps that now incorporate the daytime LED lights in all the fittings. At the rear, the saloon ones are darker. As a whole, the car denotes an unmistakable maturity, accomplices the chrome on the frames of the glazing and loading bars, to which are added the darkening of the rear crystals and the roof (panoramic) to contrast. Above all, however, the dimensions are interesting: The 308 SW measures 4.58 meters in length, 1.80 in width and 1.46 in height. This immediately leads us to probe the trunk, with a well-usable load volume of 610 liters that can become 1,660 by knocking down the seats. Really a great volume. There is also an ingenious door for ski transport. Beautiful 18-inch rims mounted on this specimen in GT Line setting, while serial are still 17 ″.

Entering the car opens a world. The interiors are covered with extreme care and carry the red line of the GT line, a little everywhere, to underline the sporty vocation of this 308. The plank is clean and tidy, but the real gem is-as it is right that it is-in front of the driver. Flagship of New 308 is the Peugeot I-Cockpit, a true ergonomic revolution devised by Peugeot to exalt those that are the driving experiences aboard the cars of the House of the lion. The instrument panel is visible above the steering wheel with very compact dimensions; It is more in line with the look when you drive and this helps not little, both in comfort and security because it allows you to be more responsive. The instrumentation is developed horizontally and features an inverted rev counter (with zero on the right and the left limiter) and a sharply premium conformation.

Really beautiful-and functional-the wheel with a small size cleverly covered in leather (perforated in this setting), as well as the aluminium pedal board and the central infotainment display from which the different functions of the car are commanded.

2018 Peugeot 308 SW GT Line Test

The latter is particularly fluid, the capacitive touchscreen now responds promptly and there are six buttons (always touch) to reach more quickly the menus. Unfortunately there are no physical controls for the climate, which can only be used through the central monitor, but the temperature adjustment is callable by means of a shortcut. Fortunately it is not the same for music and phone, easily manageable by the steering wheel controls which is also implemented with the adaptive cruise control.

With time we learn to appreciate the various compartments of which the car is equipped, from the central tunnel to the passenger drawer, without forgetting the rooms on the doors.

We have appreciated the ample and practical spaces as well as the elegant interior finishes, but the reality is that they are all things passed in the second floor. What you want to do with a test car is drive, do it as long as possible and in the most disparate conditions. At this point, you have to admit it, the 2018 Peugeot 308 SW GT Line has exceeded the expectations brilliantly.

We enter the car, we push the START button (which detects the key maybe held in the pocket) holding the foot on the brake and the car turns on. It does gracefully, the engine is a life ahead to the diesels that cough and mumble in circulation a few years ago. Let’s go out a moment, just to see if it is the environment to be perfectly soundproof or if it actually is the engine to be of an embarrassing silence. Let’s say a little bit of both. We start a little ‘ prevented with the EAT6, the automatic torque converter increasingly in vogue on the cars of the group PSA. Let’s say the truth, it works that is a marvel. More snappy than we expected, it is fluid enough to the high paces and manages to manage well the 300Nm of torque already present at 1,750 rpm, a number to say immediately printed on the data sheet.

As I said, there are no paddles on this specimen, although apart from some playful momentum in the first weeks of purchase it would be difficult to find a real utility. The seat allows us to immediately find a convenient location and at the same time “attentive” in order to have a great overview of the road. The upright C-the one separating the rear window from the side-is a bit invasive, but otherwise, the car offers excellent visibility and interior spaces that leave ample breath. In the car parks-where the reduced steering wheel is particularly appreciated-we still have both the rear and bird-flying cameras, 360 ° if you prefer, in addition to the proximity sensors, thanks to which it is really difficult to touch possible obstacles. The braking is really to point in the city, in traffic, where it is necessary to modulate with precision but also have a good bite to face the unexpected and the 308 does not disappoint at all, indeed.

So far, you say, everything in the norm. “It’s easy to park which is appreciable for a Station, which then is also a car that I’d take if it wasn’t that lacking in agility”.

We carry it on a road of mixed challenging, of those that during the weekend are attacked by motorcycles of all kinds: it is a road that we always ride with the cars in test, it has different ups, bends, fast curves and the straights are not lacking. It’s our ‘ home Ring (speed limits included!). The 2018 Peugeot 308 SW GT Line, despite its length, performs extremely well. In the meantime, the roll is barely perceptible, which would otherwise send the stomach of those who sit behind.

Even the load transfers then, in braking and acceleration, do not send the machine in any crisis. Starting out in full output from a hairpin bend the car does not waste time by whistling the tires or cutting with the electronics, it takes only a great speed. The small steering wheel allows us to minimize the movements of the arms, us a sensitivity and a reactivity unknown to the competitors. Not least, it is also more relaxing to drive because we move less hands on the steering wheel on equal steering.

To amaze more then is the absence (or almost, will tell who in the car really runs) of Understeer: The 308 closes the curves in a handkerchief, yet the length of the car would suggest the opposite. Car that, among other things, is also very well trimmed. Stiff enough to keep us entertained safely on the fast, it is not allowed to be confused by holes or depressions of the road.

As far as consumption is concerned, the difference is obviously in the style of those who drive but that being said it is one of the most parks of the category. It should be noted that, like any BlueHDI, the engine requires from time to time the ADBlue additive: a paltry expense that can be done practically at each coupon. In any way, the House of Clare that to travel 100km serve 4.5 liters of diesel in urban routes, 3.7 liters in those suburban and 4.0 liters in the combined cycle.

Engines and prices of Peugeot 308 SW

The car we had in test with 1.6 liter Diesel engine, automatic gearbox and GT Line set-up, has a price of €29,120: The value for money is really remarkable also because the equipment is really rich: from the 3d connected navigation system, to the Mirror screen, the FullLED front headlights, the 17 ″ alloy wheels, the rear darkened glass, the ADAS package (the driving aid systems), the front and rear parking sensors, all standard. In any way, the prices start from the €19,870 of the SW under construction Access equipped with the gasoline PureTech Turbo by 110CV and manual gearbox with 5 gears. The 5-door sedan, however, costs 900 euros less.

However, if you want a complete overview of the costs in relation to the equipment, we refer you to our new price list dedicated to the Peugeot 308 SW.

2018 Peugeot 308 SW GT Line Conclusion Test

If you are thinking of a spacious car, able to take you anywhere without putting your back in the crisis, do yourself a favor and try it. You will be amazed by the amenities, the quality and richness of the fittings and especially the pleasure of driving. The only flaw found, in our opinion, is the lack of a physical command for the A/C. Alas, must be resigned to the advent of the technology of which this car is frankly overflowing.

2018 Peugeot 308 SW GT Line Review; Features, Price, Driving Pictures

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